Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Valentine's No. 1 ~Cherub Give-Away~ February 5, 2009

cher' ub~ n., pl. -ubs or -u-bim' angel, pictured as a chubby child with wings~ ---che-ru'bic (-roo'-) a. ~Webster's New World~

I am quite taken with cherubs- their sweet, innocent faces with pudgy cheeks and chunky little legs. It's at this time of year that I bring out a little collection of hearts and cherubs to place here and there throughout our home. Do you have a fondness for cherubs per chance? If you do- share a little tale
about Valentine's Day and one sweet cherub may fly your way just in time for this romantic holiday.

The winning tale will be chosen randomly by a sweet, blindfolded cherub living nearby.


  1. I love cherubs too - although I have nothing to show for it except 3 of my own. I think my favorite thing about Valentine's day as an artist are all the creative cards and the history that love endures. I love hearts, and making valentines for my loved ones. I have saved many of them over the years.
    One of the sweetest stories to share was seeing a young boy that I know with his brother purchasing a heart shaped box of chocolates for his Mom who is indeed raising men with heart. The Father had a stroke years ago and it has been all on her.
    Yesterday we had "Jump Rope for Heart" at the elementary school and it is always great to see the kids get behind a great cause for the American Heart Association.

  2. pve~ We Mothers need to raise thoughtful sons-it's so important. And knowing how to cook and iron, all the better. I can see this little boy, easing his money out of his pocket to pay for sweets for his Mother.
    I love when our young ones get involved in community activities- giving something back- and a great cause.

  3. Count me in for loving cherubs (and angels), now butterflies. Oops I think I see a pattern happening here anything with wings.
    I have always loved valentine even when I didn't have a valentine that year. I have a small collection of vintage cards and postcards and love how the little cherubs are so jolly.

    Oh Patricia this is such a sweet story about the little boy. It made my heart burst!

  4. And you are an angel- without wings. I love old Valentines- all lacey and glittery and gold. I bet you will be making some delicious, sweet treats for someone special.

  5. I love cherubs too! And making and saving Valentines.

  6. I bet you and the boys make some snazzy Valentines. So happy that it all happens on the weekend this year!


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