Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A gift and an announcement~

Beautifully packaged adornments and note cards from Two Dog Pond

Cupid arrived early at my house! The lovely Rachel at Two Dog Pond sent me this special delivery. I'll start at the beginning. Rachel and I have been collaborating for a while on a little side project. She designs funky, fabulous and whimsical jewelry, which is only one of her many talents. Many of Rachel's designs are inspired by old post cards.

After we met, I started poking around in local antique malls for quirky post cards to send. Rachel came up with the idea of using miniature Lifescapes and other illustrations I sent, incorporating them into some of her designs. I was wild about the idea, as I have been searching for another way to promote Lifescapes.

Pendants~ Two Dog Pond and Lifescapes

Two Dog Pond holds a "give-away" starting each Monday. Rachel posts an interesting post card and visitors try to come up with a phrase, word, very short story or a quote that is appropriate for the back of the image to be made into a pendant. The winning entry wins the pendant.

Lifescape illustrations~ Bracelet~ Two Dog Pond {excuse poor quality}

If you are interested in a pendant or a bracelet of custom illustration- we can work together to come up with your very own "one of a kind". Please contact me through email. For all other images seen on the Two Dog Pond website or Rachel's blog, please contact Rachel directly.

My limited photographic talent does not give credit that these pieces deserve.

Please stay tuned~ Rachel and I may have few more ideas up our sleeves!

Thanks Rachel~ You're a gift.


  1. Deb-

    Cupid visited both of us today! I received my wonderful box of treasures from Cupid Deb. Thank you so much!! You are so sweet!
    I love how you and Rachel are working together to create lifescape jewelry.

    Is the charm bracelet your lifescape? Or the pendants?


  2. Rachel made the bracelet out of tiny Lifescapes and other sweet charms- the pendants-some are Lifescapes and some are Rachel's images. They are dear aren't they?
    Glad you got your Valentine so quickly!

  3. What a cool idea! I just love what you and Rachel have come up with. It's so creative and beautiful.

    I don't have a blog at this time; my 2 small children keep me pretty busy, and I have another due in May! But I follow PVE's very regularly. I look forward to reading yours too!

  4. thank you for writing such nice things here, Deb! It is absolutely inspiring to work with your paintings, and I look forward to doing many more pieces with you. A true blessing to have found you.

  5. Lee~ Thank you! I love what I do.

  6. Emily~ I bet your days are filled with lots of fun activities. We'll look forward to you starting your blog when the time is right.
    Unfortunately my photos do not do justice!
    Thank you for your comments.

  7. Rachel~ The blessing is mine. Thank you.

  8. more wag less bark....and I want one of those charm bracelets now!
    what a sweet venue for your "life-scapes!"

  9. Hmmm... will have to keep that in mind.
    It is all evolving and quite exciting. Mixing things up a bit, adding a little spice.

  10. What a brilliant idea, Debra! How charming.

  11. Aren't they fun? I'm really enjoying this project.


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