Monday, February 2, 2009

February 2, 2009~ No. 25~ Treat Yourself

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According to the calendar, there is still plenty of winter left. However, the days are getting longer and sun a little warmer. It's during mid winter that it's important to "treat yourself".

Several years ago, when I was newly married- I worked hard at staying within our means and spending wisely. My Mother use to say to me~ "treat yourself". She was an accomplished CEO of our household. She always had a little something extra put away~ she called them "tuckies". To this day~ I try to have a little extra cash "tucked-away".

February is the shortest month- but it can also bring in the worst of winter weather here in Maine . Some call it the cabin fever month. When you are feeling tired of winter and ready for a change in the weather-no matter where you live~ how will you "treat yourself"? And do you have a little stash of cash "tucked-away" for something special?


  1. I love Macarons! I like the name "tuckies".

    I too like to have a little stash. I sometimes save the difference in savings if I use coupons (I usually forget to bring them with me)or if I do little side jobs. Most of the time my play money is to buy to buy things for Gary and little treausures I see that remind me of friends- this always makes me feel like I'm treating myself.

  2. That photo is making me hungry! Interesting about February and "cabin fever" in Maine. I really get it in January but by February feel better as there is so much more daylight and a sense of what is to come.

    Hope your week is off to a great start!

  3. I find that short trips to sunny places make me feel better.

  4. Joyce~ I would love try these little treats- but fear it may mean a trip to Paris!
    A little stashed cash is a nice way to treat family and friends.

    Lecia~ I am trying to embrace a remainder of winter. I do long for some sunny, warm weather.

    Stacy~ Thank you for stopping by. I would love a short trip to a nice, sunny spot right now.

  5. I tend to treat myself with flowers. Since there are none in the garden in February, a trip to the flower warehouse is a treat indeed!

  6. And a wonderful treat flowers can be. They add a bit of color and cheer. I bet Edward appreciates your thoughtful gesture too.

  7. I think Pamela has the right idea here! The gorgeous Aran had a recipe for Laduree-type macaroons over at her wonderful site Canelle-Vanille.blogspot this week. One day I'll find the courage to attempt a batch. In the meantime, I'll just enjoy drooling over your beautiful image of the chocolate beauties.
    Millie ^_^

  8. I think treats are good to get one excited, so I am off to make a home-made batch of chocolate chips for my kids and some butternut squash when they come home from school - they feel treated kindly.
    I too have a hard time treating, myself but I am working on that.
    It feels good not to always put me last. You are a sweet reminder with these treats.

  9. you deserve a treat for enduring such a long here in FL I don't earn it. LOL

  10. Millie~ I have wanted try these for so long. Maybe one day I'll attempt them too. They do look yummy and just right with afternoon tea.

    FiFi~ I wish I could mail-order them... hmmm... now that's thought!

    PVE~ You are such a great Mom. The soup sounds just the thing on a snowy afternoon.

    annechovie~ I bet you earn it during the summer months- so go treat yourself anyway!

  11. though the weather isn't much to complain about here in california, i agree it's always a good idea to have a little extra cash for those tough days. last week, i bought myself a special latte and a magazine as an indulgent little treat.


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