Friday, February 6, 2009

Just what is a Lifescape?

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Watercolor Word Journeys

Lifescapes are a combination of whimsical watercolor and written documentation of a person's life, a special occasion or a memorable event.

In preparing a commissioned Lifescape I will seek personal and useful information regarding the recipient through a series of questions and interviews.

From a collection of carefully selected questions, I will create a pictorial biography. You decide on the occasion and fill out a questionnaire. When completed we will review the material via phone, email or a personal visit. At that time, I can gather additional information for your Lifescape.

Typically your Lifescape will be completed within a week or two. However, this may vary depending on the time of year and other works in progress.

Simple matting and black framing are included in the price of your Lifescape, making it ready to give when it arrives.

The most requested sizes are:

11" x 14"~ Finished size- matted and framed~ 16" x 20"

8" x 10" ~ Finished size- matted and framed~ 11" x 14"

~Other sizes available~

You will receive the original watercolor, while prints may be added to your order for additional gifts.

~Prices upon request~

I will be posting small sections of Lifescapes that I am currently working on. To protect the personal information of my clients I cannot post the entire Lifescape.

All images are protected by federal copyright laws. No copies or reproductions are permitted without my permission. So please ask~ chances are I would be thrilled to share.

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  1. How nice to have a life documented this way in a whimsical watercolor.
    I wish you much success with these as well as the joy of your work.
    My work has been a life long passion! We are so fortunate to be able to do what we love. Your work is a "true journey of the heart."

  2. Lecia~ Thank you. Have a great weekend.

    PVE~ I feel grateful every day that I am able to spend my time doing what I love.
    Thank you~

  3. what a wonderful idea I'm definitely interested.

  4. lily-g~ I am thrilled that you have come to call. Let me know if you ever have any questions about a Lifescape. Your shop sounds like perfection. But so very far away.

  5. Oh... I love how you capture a piece of ones life in a lifescape. Now I get how your blog title came to life. A very special gift and personal!
    Have a golden weekend! xoxo

  6. Very unique and pretty, Debra. A wonderful idea! You are so talented. Have a great wknd!

  7. Joyce~ When I complete a Lifescape- I usually need to hold onto it for a few days. I get rather attached to these people that I rarely get to meet in person. Thank you for dropping by- and the lovely email.

    Thank you Anne~ I take that as a compliment coming from such a talented artist. Have a wonderful weekend!

  8. I imagine these would be treasured by many, Debra.

    Not sure why you couldn't access my blog - you are most welcome. And that isn't a standard poodle in my photo - it's Dermott and Old English Sheepdog.

  9. Robyn~ I was able to enter- not sure what happened the first time. Love your work- love where you live!

  10. Hello Debra, thank you for visiting & your lovely comments. I had not heard of life scapes before, but think they are a wonderful idea. *ruthie*

  11. OK....this is why...I was not blogging then, BUT...if you can, you should put this somewhere for everyone to see. Would you mind if I did a post on these????

    Jeanne :)

  12. I really love your work...I have never seen anything like that. I mean, I probably came across this type of visual art but I never thought this could be applied to make a "biography" or a memory of an important event. What a great idea! You have such a lovely gift in your hands, I am so glad you share it with us. Ciao from Verona xxx

  13. Just found your work through a "Collage of Life". I am very impressed and love all that you are doing! Thank you!

  14. I left you a comment in your :Collage of Life" blog. I would have my Lifscape centered around growth.


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