Thursday, February 5, 2009

Valentine No. 2~ February 6, 2009~ Jean's Pendant

Jean's hearts~

This beautiful pendant was a gift from my Dear Mother-in-law last year. This little photo doesn't begin to do it justice. My beloved pendant is a 30" antique, sterling silver chain with 36 very personal silver hearts and a large, silver heart locket soldered onto it. You see, my husbands parents-who I love dearly, started collecting these precious hearts years ago. As they traveled the world Jean would always keep her eyes opened for a special sterling heart to add to her already full pendant.
I wish you could clearly see the inscriptions on some of these tokens. Some have the name "Jean" inscribed on them, some have other dear sentiments, there are cloisonne and even one or two holding precious stones. Each and every one of these sweet charms was held close and dear by someone at one time. Over the years, I admired this beauty and loved the jingly sound that it would make when Jean wore it.
I don't have to tell you- this sweet piece is ever so dear to me. I try to wear it at least for a few hours, every day in February- and other occasions that calls for a something a little special... and "jingly".

Do you have a piece of jewelry or some memento that someone dear passed to you? I would love to hear your story. Posted by Picasa


  1. Deb, This is the most precious gift! I love how she collected the hearts over the years and each holds a special story, hers and now yours. I bet you were beside yourself with this gift.
    I have a couple of pieces I treasure my mom's first simple thin gold wedding band, my dad's red stone, initial ring he wore since I was a wee little girl and of course my wedding/engagement rings.
    Enjoy a jingly weekend my friend! xoxo

  2. They are treasures, aren't they? I know your photography skills and camera would have made a huge statement here.
    I intend to wear my jingly all weekend.

  3. My mother has "silhouette charms" of each of us worn on a charm bracelet by my Grandmother. Now she has them dangling on a necklace along with the grandchildren. She said the bracelet just became too heavy! I love this piece.
    I have one red glass from my Grandma.
    My February glass.

  4. Each family has such special things to share. Your Mom's bracelet/necklace sounds charming. A red glass heart from Grandma~ enjoy it for Valentine's Day~

  5. Wow Debra that is amazing and what a wonderful story.. You are so so lucky to have the necklace and such a beautiful memory of Jean


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