Monday, January 4, 2010

Post Holiday Drink~

~Warm Eggnog~

After the New Year and right up until the Epiphany we like a cup of warm eggnog before bed. Sometimes we add a smidgen of brandy or rum and always some grated nutmeg.
It's a nice little reminder of the holidays and eases us back into the real world.
Kathleen over at Purple Flowers mentioned leaving her holiday decorations up until "Little Christmas". I wasn't familiar with this so I googled it. The very short story is apparently Little Christmas falls on the Epiphany-January 6th. Celebrated everywhere~ but in Cork, Ireland it's quite the holiday. Women celebrate by going out with women friends, Sisters, Mothers, Aunts, Grandmothers. If you have any other information on this fabulous holiday-please do share. I love the idea of women going out and celebrating Little Christmas.



  1. Debra, this sounds like a perfect warm drink. We still have some leftover from the holidays. I will give it a try. Do you think it is too early for a little egg nog this morning? xo

  2. A mice little toddy after the holidays....Mmmmm

  3. Meant nice not mice of Course!! It is still early am!

  4. Little Christmas sounds sweet and the drink looks warm and yummy. Happy Monday.

  5. What a great tradition.... women going out with women friends!

  6. Yum, something warm and sweet at night...

  7. Oh yeas, we always leave the X-mas Deco till the 6th of Jan. So tomorrow we'll celebrate The 3 Kings. Kids will craft their own crowns and the 3 of us will be King for that day. Well,...(the kids always are and will be my Kings). I'll make a bread or tiny meringue and hide a bean in it. And who ever finds the bean in his piece of cake or meringue will be the king that has 3 wishes and we'll make sure he or she gets it. (There are limits of course; so which game we'll play that day, how many candies to eat at tea know, simple things). Gosh....looooong comment here.
    But..Eggnog?? I'll google the recipe. Have a great day dear Debra, XXX

  8. ...Hi, it's me again..

    (after my google search for eggnog)

    I don't like milk, don't like no eggnog for me. Sounded to good to be true a warm eggnog with a bit of rum late in the evening. Sigh. Any other ideas?? Perhaps??


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