Monday, January 18, 2010


~The Language of Flowers~
Currently unavailable at Amazon, this sweet little book was a gift from a dear friend a few years ago. According to this book, Lily-of-the-Valley means~ 'Return to happiness.'
Well I wasn't aware that happiness had left- but maybe there is about to be ...more happiness. I'll keep you posted on that part.

~Single stem of Lily-of-the-Valley~
Lily-of-the-Valley is by far my favorite flower. I have mentioned others that come close. I do love Freesia with its spicy fragrance and during the holidays we have bowls of Paperwhite bulbs all around our home.

It is the innocence of Lily-of-the-Valley that really charms me. I am fortunate to have a rather large patch of these sweet bulbs. In May I get giddy with that first glimpse of a tiny bud. When they finally open with the delicate bell-shaped flowers I pick a few and bring them inside.

Lily-of-the-Valley is also my birth month flower-which makes them even more special to me.

I'm not rushing our winter months. As a matter of fact, living in Maine and giving much more than a passing thought to spring this early dangerous.
But I do like to think of the sweet fragrance of my favorite flower.
Won't you tell me about your favorite flower-and why it's your favorite.
I'll check my little book and tell you what it means~

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  1. I love gardenia's and hydrangeas....and tulips, I could go on and on.Lily of the valley are very pretty, plus I like the meaning. Have a wonderful Monday!

  2. Lily of the Valley was my darling Mum's favourite flower Debra, so I really enjoyed your post. I adore tuberoses & peonies & magnolias & gardenias - too many precious ones to choose a favourite! Thank you for your sweet message today - it's a joy to have another room finished off.
    Millie ^_^

  3. Nature has given us so many beautiful flowers, I simply cannot select just one. The Lily of the Valley is a beauty, though. The delicate shape combined with bright white is just breathtaking beautiful.
    I will define myself as a "flower girl" :)

  4. Frau~ There is no listing for Hydrangeas in this little book- but tulips-meaning Beautiful eyes and hopeless love. I thought that was pretty special.

    Millie~ huh! Tuberose~ 'dangerous Love'... ohh-la-la. And Peony- shame, bashfulness.

    Purple Flowers~ You ARE the flower girl~and think all good things will come to you.

  5. These little dancing bells are one of my many favorites too. So tiny and yet give such a wonderful and sweet fragrance. They always remind me of yesterday's memories. xo

  6. Sweet little post Debra! I love all colorful flowers but the one that comes to mind to me are Sweet Peas, so pretty and carefree (like me) As for me, I would not mind rushing winter out the door. Was taking a dog walk with my friend Sunday afternoon wishing I did not have to spend about 20 minutes bundling everyone up..... Spring cannot come soon enough....

  7. Joyce~ I love my sweet memories of Lily-of-the-Valley Mother planted my patch for me. I know you love all flowers.

    Ina~ According to this little book- Sweet Peas mean-'Delicate pleasures and departure.' I think that means- eat all of the little Italian cookies before they are all gone {by Ron maybe}...?

  8. The only perfume I ever wear is Diorissimo. It is Lily-of-the-Valley based and I've worn it for years and years. So I suppose that would have to be my favourite. Although, I do love gardenias and peonies.

  9. Debra, my mother has always had Lily of the Valley in her garden. I find them to be so sweet!

  10. I have not paid much attention to Lily of the Vally but now you have turned me. So sweet! I love tulips and roses also peonys so beautiful.

  11. There are many flowers that I love, Roses, Peonies, Gardenias, Daisies, Tuberose, Ranunculas, but I love "Magnolias" - There is something so Southern and so perfect.

  12. I love lily-of-the-valleys, too, Debra! They are so delicate and fragrant. xo


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