Tuesday, January 19, 2010


~ Eileen Fisher Melton Coat ~
Back when I purchased this fine coat {mine is loden green}, the style was a bit unstructured. It was a fabulous coat. Worn casually-no belt, no buttons, no buckles. It worked well with jeans and boots, a skirt, really just about anything. But truth be told... I am a little more traditional and tailored. I wore this coat and always received compliments-but I never really felt totally comfortable. It was as if I was loosey-goosey in it, never quite put-together.
I cut it off!
Well I didn't cut it off, the wonderful woman that does this sort of thing for me...is cutting it off.
A little cut-cut-snip-snip... a bit of a nip-tuck, if you will!
I tried it on for this genius with needle, thread and 5 or 6 great looking sewing machines.
We decided on just above the knee.
I think it might look great with straight-legged jeans and high black boots.
Have you repurposed something recently?
Please, tell me...


  1. Debra, What a great idea,! I haven't lately , however I am going to go through my closet!

  2. I have not repurposed anything ever... a great idea tho!! PS Re Halle's jacket... the cold does not seem to bother her either but we take at least 45-1 hour walks so I got her the jacket just in case.... she has a bit of an issue getting in and out of my ML 320 too. Mom had a car that she could just jump into. Getting into the SUV is a new experience and takes some effort on her part... but when we arrive back in our driveway she jumps out into the snow pile along the side of the drive. Its a riot to see her land in snow and she loves it. xoxo

  3. Good for you. Way to Make it Work!

  4. Clever, smart and thrifty! I am all for re-purposing.

  5. A great idea! Now you will be sporting a new look with the same comfy feeling. Enjoy my friend! xo

  6. That is a great way to re-create an item, and give it a new look. Please show us the new coat upon completion?


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