Wednesday, January 27, 2010

CaRRol BoYeS~

~Whimsical Flatware by South African Artist CaRRoL BoYeS~

~Magazine rack~

The best neighbors in the world recently built a new home and moved from our neighborhood.
They moved from South Africa to Texas to Maine.
On one of their trips back to South Africa to visit family I took care of the family cat and dog.

Upon their return they presented me with two pieces of work by South African artist

~Lemon Squeezer~

To say that I have become smitten with this woman's work is a vast understatement.

~CaRRol BoYeS vase~

~Lean on Me~
~Quirky Designs~
This family has pieces of the collection throughout their home. Some in the most unexpected places.
It is such fun.

~Functional Art~
CaRRol has become a South African icon, earning last year's national award for the Top Woman Owned Company of the Year
Is it any wonder?
Her company employs a staff made up mostly of women.

Please stop by and visit her website.
But pour a cup of coffee or brew some tea, because it is full of whimsy and fun.



  1. Did I ever tell you that on my husband's side - there were several that fled from Europe during the War to South Africa and one was an artist who many South Africans know of his work. A South African cousin lives nearby and just went over the holidays. I will have to get her something special by this artist. I know she would love a special piece.
    Thanks for the introduction to another artist with style and whimsy.

  2. Now these are excellent conversation pieces! I love when an Artist can put some fun, (and in this case) practical spin on art.

  3. Love that magazine rack! Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Excellent, unique sculptures! Love the teapot!


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