Monday, January 25, 2010

Big Kitchen Dreams~

~Dreamy Kitchen~

There should be a better name for a room this beautiful. Kitchen just doesn't do it justice.
In this week's New York Times there was a slide show of Joan River's home in Connecticut
Lose the trash container and I think it's nearly perfect-as far as 'dream' kitchens go. If you're going to dream about a fabulous kitchen it should be big! Two stories big! And it should have a couple of masters on the walls. The collection of old pewter pieces is pretty great too.
I have to believe that at the opposite end there is a fireplace and a couple of comfy wing backs.
I am a self proclaimed real estate junkie.

My dh probably thinks I spend too much time checking out all of the wonderful blogs out there~ and I do! But I also spend a good bit of time checking out Maine coastal real estate.
In my opinion, it is among the most gorgeous.
Weather it is a stately old grey shingled cottage, a modern tri-level on the rocky coastline or a small artist studio, few things can rival a special dwelling along the Maine coast.
So tell me... do you find yourself perusing the real estate sections of some of those glossy magazines or the unlimited homes for sale online?

New York Times


  1. Yes, I do. My husband and I play a game of "guess how much" and usually he gets the price right. I love looking around and seeing what money can or cannot buy!

  2. I do love the real estate sections and dreaming big. That kitchen is just gorgeous.

  3. I am not a real estate junkie but the husband and I enjoy touring new construction homes during Open Houses... Joan Rivers' kitchen is drop dead gorgeous EXCEPT the island should be bigger and I don't think I would get comfy sitting reading my blogs over coffee at that island.... other than that it is just a dreamy space. I am thinking of you and will write you an email soon... gotta catch up with you, dear Deb!!! xoxoxo

  4. At times, I could live between the pages of my Southern Living magazines. I love the newer construction homes with open floor plans with old world touches-- nooks, crannies (sounds like an English muffin) that give a place personality.

    I adore this kitchen... maybe it's the chanellier, or maybe it's how the shelves towering up towards the ceiling make me want to sing "Be Our Guest" from "Beauty And The Beast"... but it is a GEM.

    Confessions From A Working Mom

  5. YES!!! I can drool over english cottages. I would love to have one of my own some time, some where in the UK. Now I'll have a look at your NYT-link. Aren't you looking for some nice houses in or around Luca (It)??? - lol -

  6. Guilty as charged Debra. I spend far too much time with my nose in Joan's kitchen is quite something, although I wonder how much actual cooking goes on there.
    Millie ^_^


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