Thursday, January 7, 2010

An old shoe vs. a new shoe~

~Off to the cobbler~

Yesterday I mentioned to a friend that I needed to drop off my driving mocs to the local cobbler.
Her reply was, "Where?" And then, "What for?"

When I explained that a stitch had come loose and I needed to have it mended -her reply was, "Gee, that's a good idea I guess, I usually figure it's time for a new pair!"
My reply was, "W H A T?"
Our local cobbler is the sweetest guy-and very busy I might add...and very reasonable.

When you need a new heel, a stitch mended, a belt shortened, a purse repaired... do you take it to the cobbler...or figure it's time for new?

"Old shoes and old friends are the best for relaxing".


  1. I don't get to the cobbler enough. They are such a good resource and should be used especially for your favorites.

  2. I have a local cobbler and I love the feeling of saving a heel, darning a sock, or recycling a pair of shoes to someone in need. I have a tailor in the city that does "weaving" and my husband has a tie guy for tie cleaning and spot removal. Now who said I was "high maintenance?"
    It is a job, but so worth taking good care of things that add up to a wonderful life.

  3. If I really love it, cobbler! Most of my boots I have had for years and years and will not part with them unless they should come completely apart and can't be fixed.

  4. I definitely use the cobblers aka shoe repair folk. I hope they are not a dying breed.... xoxo

  5. I figure you can never be wealthy enough to afford to buy cheap shoes. I buy from companies who take the shoes and refurb them when the time comes: Ferragamo and so on. Just send 'em in!

  6. Great idea, Debra! My driving mocs need a little maintenance as well. xo

  7. I like my nearby cobbler ( I haven't been there in awhile). It is like stepping back in time. Happy stitching! xo

  8. If I can fix something I do, or else yes I go to the local shoe repair. Most people do just throw out and start over!

  9. I'm with you--off to the cobbler. If you wear good shoes, they are worth repairing.

    (By the way, I'm so impressed with your self discipline over the goodies. I would have eaten it all!)


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