Saturday, January 9, 2010

Don't try this~

~Baby it's cold outside~
Against all of the warnings... didn't we all try this-at least once?
I did! I was in the third grade, on the playground and it was bitter cold.
Right there on the flagpole.
I wonder just how many tongues have applied themselves to that very flagpole.
Funny how when warned against something we almost always have to try it anyway...
Also in the third grade, my Mom was sprinkling and ironing curtains {remember those days?}.
She was headed into another room-when she warned me..."Debra, don't touch the iron to this plastic bag will you?"
Oh yes I did...
Then ran to the staircase and said... "Mom, I'm going over to Patty's, bye."
And then I high-tailed next door.


  1. Hee Hee! You were trouble with a capital T!! I think I made my little sister try everything first.Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. You did not! Really?
    Of course, I shouldn't talk. I jumped off a high stone wall when I was six, thinking perhaps I could fly if I took the leap. A leg broken in three places was a hard lesson learned!

  3. Temptation will it ever go away?

  4. Ha! Don't we always have to do go against the grain and see for ourselves?

  5. I remember watching ironing take place in the dark days before everything was sent to the cleaners! And ironing was always done during the "stories" (soap operas. My favorite was Days of Our Lives) My mother had the cutest little sprinkler thingy, it was an Asian man and the water would come out of his hat onto the clothes to be ironed.

    Speaking of old shows watched while ironing, I also remember enjoying Hollywood Squares, the Mike Douglas Show and Dinah Shore's talk show. Memories. xoxo (typing from husband's laptop) Not the same. Miss mine!!

  6. Thanks for laugh! This post was so funny and cute :0

  7. Good thing I had older sisters and brothers to lead the way.
    The stories would make your hair curl.
    My Mom deserves a medal.


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