Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A few of my favorite things~

I have been purging, tossing, donating and just plain giving away 'one man's trash is another mans...' you know how that goes! In my on-going attempt to simplify things I have edited many of my personal care products. After years of 'buying-into' what's new, great, guaranteed to work I have come to trust my tried and true. I thought that since I'm in the process of tossing the one-time-used things, that I would share my go-to list of a few long time favorites. ~look ma, new hands~

This is actually a new bestie. I got it from a friend that knows how dry my hands are at this time of year. Really awful!
It's from Bath and Body and she also gave me the funky gloves to go with this cream.

The cream is great! It is paraffin based and when used with the gloves for 20 minutes it feels just like a paraffin-dip at the spa.
Great store wide and online sale going on now by the way.

~Mason Pearson~

My Mason Pearson hair brush... When I was a gardener my years ago, the family I worked for gave me my first one and I still have it. I have added another and the pocket size M.P. for my purse. It really is a wonderful hair brush.

~Weleda Almond Cleansing Lotion~

*Thanks to Mary-Laure over at the splendid Aurea.*

Mary-Laure has mentioned Weleda Facial Cream on a couple of occasions. After purchasing several new moisturizers that I couldn't use {again...dry, dry dry this time of year} I hit Whole Foods and tried these-along with one other face cream from the same line, only a lighter version for days that I stay in.

~Weleda Intensive Facial Cream~

~Kiehl's Creme With Silk Groom~

I have very thick hair and with that comes a good case of the frizzies in humid weather. This product which I have used forever is great during the old, dry Maine winters too.

~Kiehl's Moisturizing Eye Balm~

This speaks for itself... a lifesaver in a tiny jar.

So-these are a few of my favorite things. Had Mary-Laure not mentioned Weleda products, I may still be suffering with insanely dry, winter skin.

Maybe one of these will be just the thing for you to try.
What are some of your faves?

Images: Bath and Body Works, Mason Pearson, Weleda and Keihl's


  1. Ohh- I love lists like these! I want to try the Weleda products now. I've been using the (sort of new) Burts Bee's stuff and really loving it. There is a chamomile cream cleanser, night cream with royal jelly, and a pomengranite eye cream that my skin seems to be liking. Also: love Kiss My Face obsessively natural lavender shea lotion.

  2. Thanks for sharing your faves. I'm a Silk Groom lady too. I may have to give the Weleda a try also.

  3. Some great finds, Debra! I love Weleda products, too. Hope your year is off to a great start. Keep warm. xo

  4. I have been looking for some great facial cream. Thanks Deb!! I love Kiehl's. I was given as a gift many years ago. I loved when they would give out the travel size samples. Do you remember this?

    Thank you my friend for your sweet comments on my photos. I'm trying and your kind words gave me an uplift. Enjoy! xo

  5. I must try these Debra...I don't know Weleda so thank you for the suggestion.
    A very happy new year to you, xv.

  6. I really love keeping things simple. It is important to exfoliate in Winter, and a little moisturizer does the trick. I love Naturopathica and Weleda products are nice too. I love the fennel deoderant and rosemary hair oil. I smell like a well tended herb garden!! :)

  7. Weleda is great, and the little crumb uses all of their baby products! And I'm also a big fan of Sothys beauty garden, and I recently switched to Amala - LOVE!

  8. Thanks for mentioning me.......
    I've long wanted a Mason Pearson brush but they're just so expensive!


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