Thursday, May 13, 2010

Dark Chocolate at it's best~

O.K.- this is not my chocolate standard poodle Lucca. But after searching long and hard it is a photo that so resembles her. I tried taking her photo- but she is simply not up to snuff and wanted nothing to do with the camera. And the photos I did get- had red-eye which pretty much sums up Lucca's mood today! I just couldn't do that to her.


We've had a day... that started Wednesday morning at 3:00!
Numerous visits outside and the B.R.A.T. diet for dinner and you get the idea.
She's been checked-out~ and needs rest, water and lots of love.
So please do check back with me-we need a little time to rest up, recoup, re-group and snuggle-her-well!

google search for a sweet Chocolate Standard Poodle.....


  1. Oh! No I hope all is well soon! ((hugs))

  2. I do hope Lucca (and you!) feel better soon. Gorgeous looking dog...hopefully Lucca will be feeling more photogenic soon.

  3. Oh dear, we get so attached to these wonderful members of our families. Hope she gets over it soon.

  4. Sending good thoughts to Lucca for a quick recovery!

  5. Lucca is one lucky one - to have Nurse Debra!
    take care-

  6. Oh no. I hope all is well soon.

  7. Deb, I hope Lucca only has the sniffles and nothing serious. Sending you both many hugs... xo

  8. Hello Dear Debra, I am just now getting around to the blogs after the shock and grief following Tuesday's sudden and unexpected death of sweet Jake. Quite frankly, I am still in a bit of shock because we had no idea he would just drop dead, literally!!!!!! And now Lucca is sick!!! Oh my, I understand how concerned you are. I hope Lucca will be ok!!! Please keep us posted... in a few minutes after posting this comment I am heading out to Champagne Thursday with the lovely Joan. I will say a prayer for Lucca tonight. Many hugs, xoxox Ina

  9. Hope she feels better in no time! My sweet Rufus gets congested sometimes, sneezes, and snores more. I think they have allergies or sinus concerns the same way we do. I find that if I put him in the bathroom while I take a shower, the steam helps to clear him up a bit. Good luck!


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