Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Sweetest Tweets~

How adorable are these sweet tweets?
They arrived on my doorstep in the nick of time last week!
The very thoughtful Kathleen over at Purple Flowers sent them flying north to cheer me.
And cheer me they did.
Can you see the little fellow on the left that has just found his courage to kiss the little bikini-clad darlin' on the right?
While Mr. and Mrs. Big Bird look on...
I went 'shopping' in my basement and found these four saucers that make the perfect little back-drop for my feathered friends.
The whole family sits on one of the shelves of my chippy-painted cupboard that is in my kitchen.
Thank-You Kathleen for thinking of me- you are just the sweetest.
Please stop over and visit Purple Flowers- take a stroll through the gorgeous gardens.
My own


  1. Oh they landed in the perfect nest!

  2. Love the birds they are too in your own basement! Love it what a great find. What are your store hours and do you except paypal! hee hee green is my favorite! Have a wonderful Thursday.

  3. Adorable...I think you are going to have fun with tweets. I can already see them perched amidst the holly for Christmas cheer in a few months!

    Jeanne :)

  4. They are so sweet and found the perfect home.

  5. They are adorable! So fun and cute!

  6. As I admire those sweet little birds I am listening to the birds singing outside my kitchen window. Love it!! They are adorable, Debra!

    I know you and your friend will have a lovely dinner tonight at Peppers! Joan and I are headed over to Bradley House later and we will toast all our friends as well! She will be leaving as soon as the house closes. I am glad some of her kids will come and help, she is so fragile.... xoxo

  7. The little birdie with the hawaiian lea is too cute.

  8. Deb I adore these little sweet green tweeters! A wonderful surprise from one friend to another. I love how you went shopping in your basement. Enjoy and I hope they continue to add a smile to your day! Hugs... xo


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