Monday, May 24, 2010

Weekend Review~


Our new raised beds were assembled this weekend and filled with a rich mixture of soils and compost. I am itching to get my hands in that soil and start planting. I've watered them down and have herbs ready to go. Next will come the long-range plans. Plant once on some things! Sort of the same idea as measure twice, cut once.

~Plotting my plots~
Pretty much all weekend

The above photo is very similar to what I would like to do with our back yard...
I would love to have the lawn dug up and have a series of raised beds and small in-ground beds.
Creating a cozy cottage garden.
All heavily mulched to cut way down on maintenance.
I have yet to present this idea to my DH for fear of a major eye-roll. My defence will be- although a fair amount of work at the early stages, there will be no ground maintenance such as mowing, weed whacking, raking, etc. And we are having a devil of a time with our young man that mows. And we all know I can't be trusted using a mower...
Wish me luck on this!


While visiting one of the many fabulous garden centers in our area I picked up a good sized my 6 year old plant was inadvertently left outside on an early frosty night last fall.

It will be a busy week of designing and shopping for the new raised beds along with planning my strategy on the major backyard renovation...

On Sunday I attended a lovely bridal luncheon.
We were served Kir Royales as we arrived and while introductions were made.
The luncheon was fresh, light and in season.
It was so much fun watching the gorgeous bride-to-be with her friends and bridesmaids.
I'm already looking forward to the August wedding on the coast of Maine~ we have reserved a cottage at the resort where the wedding will take place.
Who wants to think about driving home after an evening wedding?
It was a very productive weekend~ one that will give us lots of fresh vegetables, herbs and cut flowers this summer!

Thanks to my DH for his patience and all of his hard work.

I have a plan...

My files and google search


  1. Ok, I want your weekend! I saw a picture in a magazine yesterday with the most amazing flower and herb beds stretching down a huge English garden. I will send it to you.

    Need to know if you plant tomatoes and if so what variety you like. My father and I used to have long discussions about this. He had his favourites. He used to love his daily inspections to see how they grew. You just brought back one of my cherished memories :)

    Hope we get lots of posts of this idea you have. Even if it ends up in a pot, I'll take it!

    Best wishes for a great week Deb!


  2. I love raised beds! Unfortunately, I don't have any but I enjoy looking at them in garden magazines. I am sure you will have fun planning and working in them. It is such a great feeling to work w/the soil. Have a great day Debra!

  3. What a lovely weekend you had. Such pretty flower beds. Am surprised your Rosemary expired after one frost. On the advice of a wise gardening aunt who had wonderfully healthy Rosemary bushes year after year, I purposely leave ours out for one or two of them in the fall before bringing indoors to over-winter. That way they go dormant instead of getting covered with mold, which is what happened to ours before I started hitting them with a frost or two. Reggie

  4. Each time I read your posts, it is as if we are on the same page, wanting raised beds, fresh herbs, simple celebrations and NO eye rolls!
    great images as always.

  5. i can just imagine the look in your eye...a women with a plan....oh my! Sounds like a wonderful weekend.

  6. Good luck with the up and coming raised bed garden. Low maintenance! We have lawn mowing twin men! This will be my 3rd season with this dynamic duo. They have already done the cleanup and thatching. Now I have to get the schedule for the mowing. I have to be home to keep 4 dogs out of the way while they work.

    The August wedding sounds like it will be great. I am hoping you will bring your camera! xoxoxo

  7. Good luck with your plan I think it's a fab idea. I hope the DH is happy with it.

  8. Debra ~

    Hoping your plan definitely comes to fruition! A lovely plan indeed!


  9. Oh DH....(My husband gave me the eye roll last month over a raised garden). He did build one for me, and I already have sprouts coming up. No lawn would be awesome. Cuts down on your water bill too.


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