Friday, May 28, 2010

Prelude to Summer~Memorial Day

~ Maine Veteran's Memorial Cemetery ~

Memorial Day weekend was always the prelude to summer. The family gatherings, special holidays and vacations.

Cottages are opened for the season, dates are set for coastal lobster bakes, the cupboards are well-stocked for frequent s'mores and life just becomes a little less hectic and a bit more fun.

It's important to remember the reason for the holiday weekend. The men and women that have fought and continue to fight to keep our country free.

It is a special day to remember those that lost their lives while fighting for our country.
My Dad fought in World War 2~ he was a very handsome Navy man. Lucky for us, he made it home safely and met my Mom on leave in New York City~ the rest, as they say, is history. And a great love story was born.
My birthday falls on Memorial Day weekend and back when that holiday was always on May 30th, there was always a parade-much like Memorial Day anywhere, America.

My Dad told me the parade was especially for me- my very own birthday parade.
Isn't that just the sweetest memory for a child?

My parents are both buried here at the
Maine Veteran's Memorial Cemetery.
It is especially beautiful on Memorial Day.
The lanes are lined with large American flags and there is a flag at each site.

Let's not forget~
... this parade is for you Dad.


  1. Happy Memorial Day!And Happy Birthday! Hope you have a wonderful day!

  2. BIG SIGH...


  3. Debra.... your post left me breathless. So beautiful.....sending hugs to you for your parents, wishing they could celebrate again with you..... interesting that your birthday falls on a major American holiday ... mine is July 6, near another major holiday... my parents always told me the fireworks were for me and we always celebrated my birthday on the 4th.

    Have a lovely birthday, dear Debra. xoxoxox


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