Monday, May 10, 2010

Some Like it HOT~

I love soup! I make soup at least once a week- from mid-August until mid-May.
It was cold here this weekend. Really cold! There were warnings for those Mothers to bring their special flowering hanging baskets inside Sunday night.
We wouldn't want to freeze our Mother's day gifts on the first night!
It's cold.
L.L. Bean rag socks to bed cold!
Cherry-stone pouch in the bed cold!
WHY did I just pack away my flannel jammies cold!
This calls for a warming soup.

No matter how cold you are.

Do Not~ I repeat... Do Not double {or triple} the amount of chopped jalapeno for your soup recipe.


And don't rub your eyes!!!

Images: Google search due to burning eyes


  1. Oh jeez...tell me you didn't!

    Man....I can't even actually, I do not want to even try to imagine what the after effects of that first spoonful would be like!

    That soup looks delicious...recipe???

    Hope you are able to get lots of painting done this week...keep your socks on!


  2. I DID Jeanne...BUT, 12 hours after cutting the pepper- so that stuff has staying power! Next time...rubber gloves!

  3. My men would love that hot soup!

  4. Debra, Mmmm, it is cold and rainy today in Kansas City and soup sounds goo!


    Art by Karena

  5. Really good advice! Is your mouth still burning?

  6. I learned not to rub my eyes the hard way! Sounds delish...its unseasonably cold here as well! Stop by The Zhush for a fun giveaway!

  7. I have to admit, I pulled the fleecy sweater back out again today! I'm freezing. What's up?

  8. That looks so hot. Not sure I could handle it but with this cold snap I'd sure try.

  9. Did I miss the recipe? I love jalapenos (and their seeds) and have learned NOT to touch my eyes after cutting into them.

    I am going to check back for the recipe. xoxoxo

  10. Debra, It's gone really cold here too, we had snow, last week, I ask you, snow in May!
    That soup looks delicious I love hot, spicy soup.

  11. Oh no Deb! Are you OK? I have heard of this with this little pepper and try to wear gloves or even rub my hands on the stainless sink. Don't ask me why- I just thought I read somewhere ss would take away the garlic ordor so I hope for the same on the pepper. smile...
    I hope your Mother's Day was nice. I was thinking of you and John this past MD. Forgive me on trying to catch up on your blog, but only to probably fall behind again in the weeks ahead. xo

  12. I love soup too. I just wish I could get my family to like it as much. Hope you are well. It's been cold here too. Hope you are well.


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