Sunday, May 16, 2010

Dreamy Sunday~

~ Dining al fresco~
~ My Honda Metropolitan ~

It's that time again. When the days are warm enough to get out on my scooter- the days that I'm not feeling the cycling-love, the days that I just want to zip along and feel the breeze on my face.... and pretend, if only for an hour or so- that I am breezing along the dirt roads, lined with huge yellow sunflowers, on my way to a quaint vineyard.

And will return with two wonderful bottles of local pinot grigio- perfect for a warm day and a light dinner served al fresco~ among the olive trees.


Or just maybe thinking locally and traveling down Rt. 202 between Winthrop and Monmouth- among the apple orchards- with a dream...

Tuscan dreams
Honda Metropolitan


  1. Hey, dreamgirl....May I bring the lemon tart and my famous Italian bread salad?

  2. Please... we'll start around 2! Panzanella salad-one of my favorites!

  3. I want to go dreams of Italy will there be cute Italian boys waiting on us hand and foot....or is that a different dream all together.Have a wonderful Sunday!

  4. Frau~ Won't we have fun~ and of course there will be a cute, dreamy Italian!

  5. How fabulous that you have a scooter! Sounds like the best time...the real and the imagined! Have fun!

  6. Debra - how lively you are that you have a scooter! I would love to accompany you for some Panzanella salad, wine and fresh fruit. Yummy!

  7. We too are really enjoying the warm and delightful weather up here. I am NOT a winter girl (yes I am not in denial that I live in Alaska) so the warmth of the sun is so delicious on these chilly bones. Dogs are loving it too.

    PS You stumped me!!! I could not figure out your license plate shorthand on my blog......... xoxo

  8. That day dream sounds like a back road in Spain somewhere. Love your scooter.

  9. sounds good to me- after living here i have a theory about mopeds- that they only sell them to beautiful people. i see my theory is true there too:)

  10. Oh, the hours I could spend at that table... *sigh*

  11. I am sure it was wonderful Debra, whatever you decided...xv

  12. That just sounds like heaven!!

    It may surprise you but I have fantasies of Maine!! - From one ideal, magic summer I think I've romanticized Maine as well... think... 'Blueberries For Sal'... living on an island a'la 'One Morning In Maine'... lobster, lighthouses, camp songs and bug juice - summer nights on the lake, & romance - all these things rolled up into one happy fantasy for me to reflect on!! And Italy is another story altogether!!! Pretty powerful stuff fantasies are!

  13. i am most definitely right there ... dreaming along with you, debra ...
    and we will wear those big sunglasses
    and have lovely scarves tied under our chins ...
    and won't that first sip be just the best!
    yup, right beside you!


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