Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I've been fired! !!!

Earlier this spring I announced to my DH that I wanted to take on the chore of mowing our yard this year. Looking up from a raised eyebrow followed by an eye-roll, I got a "Ahh Huh".

I thought it would be the best way for me to get the job done to my satisfaction, in a timely fashion and what great exercise~ think of the steps I'd be adding onto my pedometer.
So last weekend I got my first lesson. My DH is on his annual fishing trip in the Florida Keys and I needed instruction on this piece of equipment that I had never used!

I ended up mowing half of the lawn and then took a break.

I decided to finish it up yesterday morning. We had just had a large tree removed from our front yard and I needed to spruce things up a bit!
One rock later, the mower coming to an abrupt halt, put an end to my summer job of being chief mower!

...and my DH has only been gone one day.
I decided to fire myself!

I wonder how much trouble I can get into in two weeks...

Top~ Vintage postcard
Bottom~ google search


  1. Haa! Having a hard time with the visual on this! Hope you found a good replacement for yourself!

  2. Oops!! Debra, I too am wondering why you didn't hire a neighbor kid, or don't they mow lawns anymore!?

    Art by Karena

  3. This one had me laughing all the way Deb. I declared many time over the years that I would do the same. Not a wise decision for someone with ADHD tendencies. I was relieved when we moved to Sydney and lived on the side of a cliff...no grass to cut! I applaud you for your intentions...what a good B-weller you are :)


    PS..I think we have a theme going on today's posts!

  4. I am absolutely terrified of lawnmowers. I have an irrational fear of rocks flying all over so if anyone is mowing I am always alert. Also one of my little neighbor boys got really hurt mowing and that was sad too. I agree, lawn mowing is only for the "experts". I have a very nice lawn service crew. In fact the snow has FINALLY melted and it is time for the Spring clean up.

    Speaking of tree removal, Joan's yard is chock full of trees. I should send you an email of her yard. The new buyers will have a huge job on their hands clearing it up. On the first official day her house was on the market, Saturday, the first person who walked in the door bought it!!!! They have a 2 YO and one on the way. I hope they are nice! xoxo

  5. Oh no! That doesn't sound too hopeful :) At least you're safe!

  6. You have me laughing here. Thanks for that. I did it once. I'd rather take a long walk.

  7. I are brilliant I'm gonna burn dinner tonight and fire myself...wish me luck!

  8. You sure that hitting the rock was accidental Debra? When I realised how annoying it was to fix bikes I accidentally broke the air pump - strange how these things happen!!
    Good to hear your doing so well at B-Well!

  9. I tried that once too - not as easy as it looks. Thank goodness, now you know.

  10. Ha! I love it! I'm still laughing.. thanks! You've got a new follower :) xx

  11. Remember, the road to H-ll was paved with good intentions. tee hee.

  12. Oh no Deb! Can you get it fix before your love comes home? xo

  13. Now you may have to hire a high school kid while you sit in your backyard and sip a cup of tea!

  14. The rock in the mower blades was God's way of telling you to get your exercise in a much more interesting way. She does work in mysterious ways!!!
    Millie ^_^


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