Friday, May 14, 2010

Read it and weep~

~Carolyn Quartermaine Script Fabric~
I have posted my fondness for Carolyn Quartermaine fabrics before.
I especially love her 'script' collection.
Isn't this a dream?
I could go to google translator... but is there someone out there that can translate what this gorgeous settee is saying?
I think it's saying..."I want to come live at your house!"

Image~ Courtesy of
Carolyn Quartermaine


  1. That is stunning but I think it actually says it wants to come and live at MY house! Wow.

  2. A very elegant and interesting piece of furniture. If you could select one, which one would it be?

  3. And, I love that it's red. So often script fabrics are in neutrals. I'd love to know what it says as well.

  4. Is this not the second time that you have posted about this wonderful lady and her amazing fabrics that speak to you and to me.
    I think you best find that fabric for something that you love that perhaps lives in your basement and is beckoning for a new life- a settee? It would be the perfect spot to read em and weep at while enjoying a cup of tea!

  5. I adore this one too! I like it in red- it adds a little sassiness to it in an eloquent way. Have a golden weekend. xo

  6. Yes....I am weeping for joy over my LOVE for this fabric! It has said to me for a long time: "I want to live at your house". May I ask if you have located a US distributor?
    ~ Michelle

  7. Pavlova~ Oh my, was it you that asked about that last time I posted? I think I still have the info somewhere. I will look and send it along to you. I do have a gorgeous settee in my basement...the basement shop I like to call it! It would look so good in this fabric. I may have to give in to this- even if I have no place for it!!!

  8. It says: Debra, sometime you must come and visit Ina in Alaska!! Tee Hee Hee!!! Hope Lucca is doing better. xoxoxo

  9. it really is exquisite, isn't it!
    sitting there, enjoying a spot of tea, running your fingers over the letters ... and it doesn't matter what it says ~ it still speaks to you!
    i have a tea cozy that is kind of ornate and has scripting on it ~ i've had it for years and still have no idea what the words are, but still love it ...
    your settee is calling!
    happy weekend,
    pg xo

  10. Gorgeous...I think you need and deserve that piece for your house.

  11. This lovely thing of beauty may have to become bi-country, splitting itself between Maine & South Australia!
    Millie ^_^


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