Tuesday, September 29, 2009

An accident and a discovery~

~Waterford~ Lismore~

It all started when I accidentally broke one of these...
I was away at the summer-house with friends, when I slipped and broke one of these...

It just happens to be my late Mother's pattern too. However I was a few hundred miles from that stash, so I was off to Macy's.
Hmmm... what's this? Eyebrow threading! I had just read an article about eyebrow threading and thought it sounded great. I knew it wouldn't be something I'd find in my neck-of-the-woods so I tucked that little Lismore wine glass into my bag...{very safely}, and was off to ask questions. For instance~ does it hurt? What is the hygiene procedure, how long does it take and how much does this cost?

The young woman was incredibly nice, well versed- and she spent more time telling me about the excellent measures she took to insure impeccable cleanliness-than the procedure took.

~Eyebrow threading~

I went for it and after that first "ouchie", I was fine and 5 minutes later had fabulously well-groomed eyebrows. I'm hooked! I have no idea how long this will last-but I love my new brows. Oh~ and the cost... $10.00! I was shocked- so much joy for so little money!
The wine glass made it safely back to the summer-house- and I discovered threading.

~Perfectly shaped eyebrows~

Have you tried threading?

The rest of my Autumn repose weekend was decadent! Lots of reading, resting, and some delicious meals.


  1. Debra, I am needing the opposite.....eyebrow implants!!

  2. Lovely to have you back rested & refreshed Debra. I've heard of E.T. but never quite understood, now I do thank you! My eye-brow torture (oops,waxing!) has now gone up to $35, so you got a bargain my friend.
    Millie ^_^

  3. What a beautiful wine glass! What a thoughtful person you were to replace it so quickly! I have indeed tried threading. A year ago on one of my Jersey Jaunts I was at a mall with my sister and her neighbor and we too came upon a threader. Tried it. LOVED IT. It lasted quite a while and was $15. and we were standing at one of those mall kiosks and the lady was busy and had regulars waitiing. I would have another threading but have not found a threader in Anchorage .... xoxo

  4. I have not tried threading but I should. Maybe now I will. Thanks. Love the glass I have some similar ones from my wedding.

  5. I haven't tried this. I need to! Now about that moustache of mine....lol! I hope the glass was the only thing hurt on your slip!!!

  6. I have seen it on TV, but have never tried it. I am glad you had such a good experience with it, Debra! XO

  7. The threading is so cool. I love watching them do it - how fast their hands fly. I love that it doesn't leave my skin raw and red for 3 hours like the wax does.

    Beautiful glass -

    Hope you are having a wonderful retreat!

  8. i love threading and I also have love that it is so affordable and quick. Unlike waxing I don't look like someone beat me up afterwards. :)

  9. Cheers to those eyebrows? My eyebrows are virtually non-existant. They are so fair, but I have always envied those perfectly arched brows!

  10. I hope you didn't get hurt during the fall. I'm glad your mom loved Waterford and they still carry her pattern. We have some glasses but I don't use them one of these days I should bring them out and use them. WOW and double bonus on the eyebrows. Never tried it but heard great things about it. xoxo


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