Tuesday, September 22, 2009


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It's one of those days... lots of work to finish up, errands to do, meals to plan, dogs to walk, laundry to fold...
You know what it's like...don't you?
Although I do love Mondays~ this one is going to go quickly.
Fast forward to Tuesday...please!
I'm anticipating a much more laid-back day spent where I love to be.
Back to the drawing board.


  1. Wow, you read my mind....I had a busy weekend entertaining a visitor and now I am ready to get back to the drawing table as well as begin some exciting work. I think it is always like coming home, when I get back to my art. I love getting lost in my work.

  2. I think the Fall Cleaning Season has begun! xoxo

  3. WOW you did do fill one day with 2 days of projects. Now I need a nap after reading all that you did my friend! Today is one of those days for me. Wish me luck. Have a golden day! xoxo

  4. Mondays always seem to be my busiest day, too. I loved your story about the ceviche, Debra. Hope you enjoy your Tuesday! XO

  5. Hope today is mellow for you...start of the week always seems busy and each day it mellows out. Have a wonderful day

  6. Funny, my Monday was just OUT OF CONTROL too, I just had so much work...


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