Friday, September 18, 2009

My "Ready-To-Wear"~

~ Basic Black Pencil Skirt~
Please join me in wishing this very special and lovely lady a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY.
If you happen to be one of the few that hasn't had the pleasure of knowing this gorgeous lady and her blog- run don't walk.
Anne has a way of introducing us to the most fabulous people. And her art- well, stop over and see for yourself!
Happy Birthday darlin'.


I am "Ready-To Wear" fall clothes. Soft cashmere sweaters, tights, crisp white shirts and ballet flats.

It seems that right after Labor Day- I want to ditch the linen, light cottons, Capri's and sandals.

I want to cozy up to a soft, rugged sweater and find a new pair of jeans.

~Tights for cooler days~

~This sweater with that fabulous shirt~

~Ballet Flats in buffalo plaid~

Are you ready to pack away all of those tired summer things in exchange for heavier, warmer togs for these cooler days?


I like to take out all of my winter clothes, try them on {maybe too much lobster and fresh-buttered corn this past month...} See what fits well and what needs to be replaced.


I like my wardrobe simple and basic. I wear a lot of black and gray and try to choose things that go together well. I have been wearing this skirt {above} for several years. It's become a good friend and my go-to piece for so many events.

I awoke to cool temperatures this morning...actually cold temperatures!

I've had a sweater on all day. Time to bring our the woolens.

Are you ready-to-wear warm, cozy, fall clothes?

{For my dear friends in warmer climates~ I can come for a visit just about any time.}


  1. That is exactly what I did last week. Put away all the summer wear and out came the sweaters. Some how some of my things shrunk in storage...mystery..?

  2. Oh, I am not ready and I need a back-up plan as it seems cooler temps came upon all too quickly - I suddenly crave a few simple go to pieces.
    I think it may be time to empty, donate, hand down and revive my Fall wardrobe. Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. I live in Southern California and have been feeling cooler temps at night but still hot in the day. I bought a new white and grey boatneck sweater, cannot wait to wear it.

  4. I love fall clothes with a passion! I'm so tired of linen and want to wear hacking jackets and wellingtons!!

  5. Thank you so much Debra, for your charing comment on my blog!
    Now I have discovered yours!


  6. I like the warm comfort of a fire and beautiful sweater so this is my season to sing and dance! Have a beautiful and golden weekend my friend!! xoxo

  7. Debra, you are simply the best! Thank you so much for the sweet birthday mention and i love your clothing choices. XO!

  8. don't you just love a straight black skirt? i picked a fall one up at a sidewalk sale a few weeks ago and it hangs patiently waiting for the weather to turn ...
    we didn't get much summer proper this year, but september is delivering incredible weather ... plus 30 c today! how many more mojitos can a girl manage? toss the sweater and come on by!
    the temps are to change next week, though, so will possibly answer my skirt's calling then ...
    have a lovely weekend ~ cozy in,

  9. Mmm hmm - beautiful collection - simple and classic.. I was ready well before labour day.. in fact, we had this weird warm weather front, and I was disappointed!

    have a lovely weekend

  10. I'm the opposite Debra, just want exactly what you're tired of! I don't think I can carry a pencil skirt off any more. Since I turned 50 my knees have gone all wrinkly!
    Millie ^_^

  11. It has become cool and crisp here in KC, however that can change on a daily basis this time of year. I love sweater weather!


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