Saturday, September 5, 2009

Labor Day Weekend~

~Women in labor~
Lest we forget the women and men that help keep our country running and growing strong.

~Men in labor~

This is the perfect time to express a sincere "Thank-You" to the women and men in labor-oriented workplaces.
Have a safe, end-of-the-summer holiday weekend.


  1. Great reminder...have a safe and enjoyable weekend as well.

  2. Yes, we can! Happy Labor Day to you.
    Hope there is not a lot of laboring going on- but relaxing in the last bits of summer 09!

  3. The top ad always makes me smile. You are so right we should take a moment for the guys and girls that cleared the path for us. Enjoy your wonderful long weekend my friend. I hope you get to see the family this weekend. xoxox....


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