Monday, September 21, 2009

Weekend Review~


This was a full weekend- lots of things to get done with autumn upon us.
I sketched and painted Saturday and Sunday.

~Sockeye salmon~

On Saturday night we had dinner with good friends at their lakeside cottage.

~Scooter Ride~

On Sunday Morning I did more painting and then it was too nice to be inside, so I took off on a long scooter ride. It was cool riding, I needed to wear gloves- but as cooler weather approaches~ my riding days are numbered.

~Freshly mowed grass~

While I was out on my ride... this chore was completed...

~Repotting Plants~

We found a great home for a huge Bird-of-Paradise plant we'd had for 20 years! {Not this plant above}
Autumn means repotting and bringing plants inside before that first frost.
It was a beautiful weekend~ the sun was out both days. We got lots of work done inside and out and there was a little fun mixed in.
I hope that your weekend was filled with projects for a new season and a little fun on the side.


  1. Your weekend sounds delightful! I look forward to catching up from a week away from home!

    Happy week to you....

  2. Sounds like you did all the things you love to do. Doesn't get any better than that does it! Hope your week is as good.

  3. Fab--- and how is that work of art, is it nearly finished for the looming deadline....??

  4. Sounds like a wonderfully productive weekend Debra. I didn't know you were a Biker!
    Millie ^_^

  5. A very lovely weekend for a special gal pal! Sounds like a perfect one with a lot of wonderful things in the mix. Hugs.... n' kisses.... xoxo

  6. Lovely pic of the scooter ride! That looked like a blast! My Sunday was spent relaxing on Alaska Airlines flights from NJ to AK. Great flying weather and I enjoyed being alone. I finished one book (Pavillion of Women by Pearl S. Buck) and started My Antonia by Willa Cather. I love well written classic stories. The Buck story was just fantastic, written in 1948. Madame Wu, the main character in the story, is a modern and wise woman who would do very well in today's times..... xoxoxo

  7. Sounds like a perfect Fall weekend, Debra! How fun to have a scooter. XO

  8. I hope you found a warm home for the Bird of Paradise. You seem to have a very full schedule - even on weekends!

  9. I am hoping that frost is still a few weeks away! I want a scooter like yours! It would be perfect for my ride to work (not in the winter)
    Maybe there will be some seasonal sales?!

  10. I think it's great you ride a scooter!! :)

  11. Oooo, what kind of scooter do you have? is it a Vespa? Sounds very fun. I can't wait for cooler air to come out by me. It's been very hot still. Have a fab day.


  12. What a wonderful weekend. Sounds just lovely.


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