Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Prelude to Autumn~

~Back to school~

With labor Day behind us-many will be enjoying the routine of back-to-school. Life slows down for some and the pace quickens for others. There are schedules to keep, practices to attend, homework to be done. For those of us with children gone from the nest, it can become a time of rhythm~ setting goals, catching up from the care-free days of summer.


I like to open the windows and let the early autumn air drift in.
Sometimes the distant scent of a wood smoke makes it's way into the house.

I love that!

~Wood for the winter~

I love to look outside at our woodpile! It reminds me of the comfort it will bring this fall and winter.

~Enjoying the fire~

Whatever autumn has in store for you, I hope you can enjoy this special season. For me, it is a season of renewal, rhythm, special scents and preparing for winter.



  1. We went on a walk last night and I notice everyone has there wood piles ready. Made me nervous, like they know something I don't! I do love the crisp air. Have a great day Deb.

  2. I for one am looking forward to the routine. The schedule and the growth of setting goals, and aiming for new sights~

  3. An inspiring post!

  4. You read my mind! I love autumn and the preparing for the winter..hmmmm...cosy!
    Kids start at the 14th here, so no back to school here for now. XXX,C.

  5. Wonderful post. I'm with you on renewal and the beautiful woodpile!

  6. I love the way you have decribed this - so beautiful :)

  7. I love the autumn. There is a crispness in the air. Blue skies seem ever bluer. This is a great post. You have described YOUR favorite season ever so well!

  8. Great imagery, and perfect for the months ahead! Autumn, my favorite season!

  9. breezes and the scent of wood smoke wafting in conjures up the most lovely thoughts and senses!
    beautiful images and thoughts you have shared as we greet the new season ... thank you~

  10. Every one of these images brought a much beloved autumn memory! Thank you!

  11. I feel exactly the same way as you, I also wrote an ode to Summer and a prelude to Fall. Its one of my favorite transitions of life.

  12. Even though we are into Spring here, MOTH & I are still sprawled out by our blazing fire every night. I'm totally over Winter though, I dislike the layers of clothes I need to put on every single day. I long for sandals, bare legs & t-shirts.
    Millie ^_^

  13. I love this time of year my favorite!! Enjoy my friend. xoxo


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