Thursday, September 24, 2009

J' adore les chapeau

~On my wish list~
Do you love hats? I think women either love hats or really dislike them.
Which are you? And if you love you wear them? I ask because I have a good friend that loves hats. However, she doesn't think that they are becoming on her- so she just collects gorgeous hats and hangs them on a wall. Here is part of my collection... and I do wear them.
~My everyday Bucket~

~ A favorite Bowler~

I'm a gal that wears many hats... quite literally, I love hats. I have a vast collection and we are quickly approaching the season in which I get to wear my hats!
This traditional Bowler is a favorite. It's a little more formal than some of my hats and adds a bit of a masculine touch to any outfit.


Or at least that's what I call this one. It had a sort of western vibe to it and looks great with 'cow-girl' boots.

~Everyday Bucket~

This is the hat that gets the most year-round use. Not very glamorous, but very functional. Perfect for a quick run to the market when having a bad hair day, or when there is a sudden down-pour.

~The Barbour~

This one is perfect for rain, sleet, snow~ but not so much for cold, cold weather.

~ Helen Kaminsky~
Black Felt

This one is a great everyday winter hat. My sister brought it back from Australia for me. It's warm, stylish, and is always appropriate.
Now tell me, do you love a beautiful chapeau?
Do you collect and wear them?
What's your favorite?


  1. You are a girl after my own heart..I love hats. You have a great collection! My favorite hats are the page boy ones and bucket type. I have too many to choose just one.

  2. Hats off to you! Great post. I do love hats and even contemplated wearing one on my wedding day, it was a vintage pillbox hat encrusted with little flowers, but then I second guessed myself, and wore flowers.
    I love knitted hats, straw hats, sun hats and love telling young men to kindly remove their hats inside a building.
    In Europe it is customary to wear hats to a wedding.

  3. I love hats on both men and women. In the winter I have a few different color berets, in which I add a brooch to it. I like bucket hats, but they don't like me. I love the hat your sister gave to you; it is beautiful! That's my kind of hat.

  4. I do love a great hat. You black fet is lovely.

  5. A wonderful collection of hats you have. Oooh... Deb, I love the first one too! I enjoy hats and have a couple. Great post my friend. Many hugs... xoxo

  6. I love hats I just rarely wear them, some in winter, I love the style they add to any outfit, a great accessory.

  7. I love your "all purpose" bucket hat. I need to get one of those. I do love hats, my favorite is the one I wore to Amy and Craig's wedding this year. I would love to wear it again sometime. xoxo

  8. I love the last one! I do wear hats most of the winter...Right now I am loving my beret the best :)

  9. I love hats too but have always felt too insecure to pull them off. As I get older I now think what the heck. My mother adored hats & pulled off wearing them beautifully. She is tall, 5' 10" & has a long lovely neck. She was impressive sitting in church wearing a stylish hat & singing loud & strong. Lovely post Debra. xx

  10. I do love hats, but they just don't work for me, unless I wear a ball cap! XO

  11. I am definitly a hat girl. I have many hats, but my favorite one is the one my father gave me a few years back, its black with a small bill in front. I'd say its an english style hat. I wear a cute little ant pin in it that I just adore.

  12. i love hats! I can never have enough. Can't wait til winter so I can break my favorite ones out.


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