Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Sign of the Cross~

~Classic Lifeguard sweatshirt~

~The sign of the Lifeguard~

When I was in high school, I applied for the position of lifeguard at our local country club. I had taken all of the proper classes and was ever so hopeful that the summer job would be mine.

I was called in for an interview and said all of the right things, answered all of the questions correctly, and yes~ I had my own transportation so that wouldn't ever be an issue.

Everything was going along swimmingly. Until... the country club manager asked me to remove my shirt... ahem... "EXCUSE ME"! Apparently he felt responsible for being sure that the person guarding the lives of the club's young members was fully equipped.

I stormed out of there and never looked back! When my Dad, who was a member found out about this incident...well, let's just say this guys days were numbered.

~Like this Swiss Watch~

Actually, if truth be told~ I think I was more interested in wearing the lifeguard sweatshirt-with it's big red cross.

~A bit of sweet Swiss chocolate~

Many years later my sister and I visited Switzerland. It was around this time of year. The leaves were changing and the air was crisp and clean. Everything about that country was clean. I fell for that Swiss flag with it's big, bold red cross.

That cross became a symbol of a country I had enjoyed seeing with my sister. I love the color and that it was also an important symbol of giving and kindness world over.

~The classic Swiss Army knife~

I carry this small Swiss army knife in my purse. It's a handy little instrument. I think all women should have one.

~ The Red Cross Field Kit~

Wouldn't this make a cute make-up bag? Or maybe a 'grab-for' purse.
The red cross appears here and there. On flags, watches, knives, woolen blankets.
I love the look of it. I love that it stands for a country that holds happy memories of special times.
I love that it is a symbol of an organization that is there to provide hope, love, food, shelter and a warm blanket.

~The Red Cross- doing what it does best~

~The flag of Switzerland~

Images: Thanks to Victornox, The Lifeguard Store, Swiss Army Knives, The Red Cross


  1. We each have our own cross to bear, don't we? I think my cross would be illustrated, green and pretty. This post was really not cross at all, but full of life! You know, you have such a way or saving lives, and giving us all bits of inspiration! (My son has a collection of these and hates that he cannot travel with them)

  2. Great post! My nephew was a life guard this summer serious and scary job. The life guards at the CC I grew up going to always fell asleep on the job! I hope you remember to take the army knife out of purse when traveling I'd hate to donate that. Have a wonderful Tuesday!

  3. Debra, What a very clever red and white post today, xv.

  4. A very happy and nice color to welcome those in need. I like that you have your very own splash of red and white in your purse. A very sweet post today.

    BTW I'm glad you saw "red" and headed for the door after the interview and told your dad. A lifesaver you were for other girls. xoxo

  5. It is actually Amazing that such a simple symbole can stand for so much in this world!
    Love this post!

  6. Amazing what happened with your interview--ugh! I'm so glad you stormed out of there like you did! Bravo!

  7. Yes the cross is such a moving symbol for so much and so many in the world!

  8. I'm glad you weren't intimidated by that man!
    I also carry a small red Swiss army knife that serves so many purposes for daily use.
    A very nice post!

  9. I have always liked this symbol, Debra! XO and have a great Tuesday!

  10. Moving photograph of the boy in all the blankets.


    Three cheers for Dads!!

    Wonderful post!

  11. Your Dad is THE BEST!!!

    I didn't scroll for a few seconds as I saw the chocolatebar....but in the end I have to say; what a great post!!


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