Saturday, July 18, 2009

More studio dreams~

I adore small, cozy out-buildings! I would be ever so happy with any one of these as my studio.... This first one, with its gorgeous gardens to beckon me nearer.

This Gothic, with a rain barrel right outside the door. The statuary would be inspiration for a special Lifescape.

The French doors would let in light, and I could putter in the little herb garden when I felt the need for an afternoon break.

I would hang lots of wind-chimes in the outside entry-way. This would provide lovely music in which to work peacefully.

Not so much for the light, but the angled interior would make for interesting placement of all of my art supplies and funky furnishings.

The thatched roof gives this one the feel of old England.

I know I would have a jolly good time here!

I would languish with a glass of lemonade on the little porch area and then kitty and I would get to work inside. Me with my brushes and she settling in for a long nap.

A very private space in which to get lost...for hours!

Perhaps perfection~ plenty of light, a bistro table and chairs for sharing a glass of wine at days end.

Even more perfection- with gentle rolling waters right outside my door...

Ahhhh... to dream.
Do you dream of a private, special spot in which to work...or play?


  1. I'm dreaming of every one of those photos, and imagining myself in one of them - any one of them. They are fantastic! Thank you for sharing.

  2. That was relaxing, Debra. Lovely post. What lovely small spaces! A glass of wine, a good book, a good conversation with a friend(s), you have got it made. The sweetest escape! XOXOXO

  3. I just had a dream I was inside or near one of those fabulous spots...painting my heart out...and you were bringing me some refreshment to take a needed break.

  4. ahhh...le sigh indeed!
    Lovely weekend Debra~
    Hope our dreams would come true one without action is dead~

  5. Thank for posting these, i like small spaces myself. These look very inspiring to paint. Maybe I will give it a try today.

  6. My dream is to have a little place like this someday to call my very own.

    PS hope you had a grrrreat weekend! xoxo

  7. Yes! I have this dream too. Have you seen the book Shed Chic? Soooo fabulous. I just got my copy at the library but feel like it is one I need to purchase.


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