Sunday, July 12, 2009

Pizza Salad~

~Pizza Salad~

This is a {light} way to enjoy two favorites. Make or purchase a good, thin crust pizza. When warm from the oven, top it with your favorite salad. I think it's the perfect Sunday summer supper.

This also works well for an impromptu lunch with friends or drop-by guests.

At this time of year when we have an abundance of fresh greens and other delicious vegetables, it's a nice change- and really... kids love it. "Eat some of your veggies and then you get to have pizza".

Hope you all have a yummy Sunday!


  1. Looks and sounds absolutely delicious! I love vegetable pizza. What time is dinner? :)

  2. Serving right around 7:00- do join us! Hope you're having a delicious Sunday!

  3. Your pizza salad looks delicious! I'm a strange Italian...I don't like pizza so much...pasta is my favourite! I'm late, but happy birthday to your lovely Erin! $ years old is a very nice age!!!
    Have a sunny week!
    Warm greetings

  4. Hm, we just had pizza ( a few hours ago ) and I think I need to try this one somewhere this week. Sounds delicious.
    I have missed you too my dear, but you know, having two kids here - no school till the middle of September - is rather time consuming (a fun thing, don't get me wrong here) and still some cardboardboxes to unpack....pffff, I need a vacation myself.
    Have a great week Debra, XXX, Carmie.

  5. Yummy! So healthy and fun - the perfect delicious combo! And I love the artichoke addition. Thank you!

  6. Reminds me that MOTH is well overdue to whip up one of his famous Sunday night pizzas. Not one for being frugal with his toppings, the kids used to love them. I personally think less is more on a really good pizza, but who am I to complain if he's doing the cooking!
    Millie ^_^

  7. Yum!! Some lemon gelato for dessert would be bellisimo!! xoxo


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