Thursday, July 16, 2009

Guest Bungalow~

~Guest Bungalow~

This is a small section of a completed Lifescape. This one is going to a woman that has been renting this adorable guest bungalow. It's a very sweet cottage at the rear of the main house on the property. She will be moving on to a new and exciting phase in her life. The Lifescape includes some of her favorite activities, special pets and the Lupines that wildly surround the fields overlooking the nearby lake.

Perhaps you know of someone that may like to have all of their favorites illustrated in a Lifescape. It's a personal and lasting gift of memories and special events.

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  1. Deb, this is so beautiful- I love the heart in the tree!!! xoxo

  2. I would love to have a bungalow in my backyard to be my go-to-spot, or better yet, my art studio.
    This life-scape sure looks sweet...I think a life-scape for a purposeful life would be good for me. I see it in my head, an art studio, a loving family, my sweet dog, art supplies lined up, nice music, a soft breeze, a cup of coffee and a phone nearby to talk to a friend or take a new order. Dinner would already be done, the dog walked and laundry folded and chauffering and all problems tackled for the day. Settling into a sketch I lose track of time and the harmony of line and color takes hold. I love that feeling and I bet you do to!

  3. Joyce~ That little heart is my sort of trademark... we find a little love in the most unexpected places, don't you think?

    PvE~ I love the image this conjures up for me. Perhaps we can do a little swap...

  4. Debra - your painting is so interesting to look at with all the things that represent a person's likes. It tells a story; how nice that is. I would make that bungalow mine in no time, with flowers and music and a rocking chair.

  5. I clicked on the Lifescape and soaked up all the delightful details--so much to take in. It is so sweet and I love the animals of course but you have captured the charm --love all the inscriptions and the border. If I had a Lifescape it would probably have all the favorites of my heart: the Jersey Shore, the mountains of Alaska and poodles.... xoxoxo

  6. The Lifescapes and the story they tell is so unique Debra! They remind me of antique cross stitches and samplers. Beautiful!

  7. This is a truly lovely idea and gift. My first thought when reading the post was..."now who could I give one of these to???" I am going to remember this for the future.

    Tricia - Avolli

  8. Such beautiful talent! The lucky recipient is going to be so in love with this lifescape!


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