Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Playing 'Catch-Up'...

~Catching up~

After a break in routine, I find myself back-at-it, in full 'catch-up' mode.

It feels wonderful to be sitting at my drawing table sketching again.

When I sit and illustrate, I can get lost for hours. That is until one of the pups gently nudges me back to reality for a quick walk or an over-due meal.

I love life's routines. I work better and more efficiently when I follow my daily schedule.

How about you? Do you like routine or are you more apt to go free style?

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  1. Just yesterday, I was reminded of the beauty of life's "non-negotiables" which are things like brushing your teeth, having dinner as a family, smiling and saying "yes you can", walking the dog and illustrating to lose oneself in that joy. I am so understanding of the routine of life to appreciate the little things.
    Good luck settling in to your routine. You deserve some nice a glass of wine with dinner or a fresh cup of coffee.

  2. Routine is good for me with a little impromptu thrown in from time to time, xv.

  3. I'm in the middle. I like my routines, however, sometimes I like to shake it up, and do things out of order or differently. It feels like writing left-handed when you are right-handed. I think it's good for the brain.

  4. PvE~ I too enjoyed being reminded of the 'non-negotiables'. Like calling a friend... It's funny how life gets in the way of things-thankfully though, we can make time to do all of the things that really matter- today!

    Vicki~ I agree- nothing like running amok every now and then.

    Purple Flowers~ I love the way to put this. I'll try drawing left-handed today-tee-hee!!!

  5. routine is kind of a necessity, but it does get a bit boring from time to time, so i agree - nothing like running amok...

  6. It took me a long time to learn, but I do get a lot more done when I have a routine, but then like to toss a little off the routine into the mix. It must be the fickle side of me. Enjoy my friend!! xoxox

    PS Deb- I think you mentioned once lifescapes are a personal art piece so it is hard to reveal the whole piece, but is there one that isn't too personal? LOL...
    I just love looking at your art and craving for more!

  7. When I worked I was a total routine girl, now I'm a whatever happens, happens kinda girl.

  8. I love routine! I feel so out of sorts when our routine gets messed with. I know I should be more flexible but sometimes that is just too hard ;)
    Luckily LD and Oliver love themselves a routine too!

  9. Just waking up but nice to have Debra back on the blogroll to enjoy with my routine morning cup of coffee!

    I don't mind veering off from the routine especially the older I get, I feel like I don't need to follow along on the same old path each day.

    PS I have a request.... some day when you feel up to it, how about a post on your pups? Toby, Ginger and Jeter would like to meet them!! xoxo

  10. I like a mix of the two and do best with a balance. So happy you are back, Debra! XO

  11. I'm definitely a routine gal! My day just seems to run smoother when all my 'ducks are in a row'! But the weekends - are just free style, anything goes!

  12. You have such amazing talent. Maybe I need to get into a ROUTINE of stretching my creative juices. Can't wait to see more of your delightful creations!

  13. I love this illustration... because I spent one college summer working as a tennis camp counselor at Camp Walden - Denmark, Maine, near Bridgeton!! I loved it there. We would escape on nights off to North Conway to spend our paychecks! I came home with no money, but great new clothes and a tan to start the school year!! Sweet sweet Sebago memories. I love love Maine - loons, lighthouses - the people, their unique accent. I must plan a trip.

    So, thank you for the smile your illustration brought to my face today. I needed that. A jaunt down memory lane is always nice. You have such a talent!!


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