Friday, July 31, 2009

Making the most of it~

~When Life Gives You Lemons... Make Limoncello".

I do love this little quote- and I do enjoy a thimbleful of Limoncello every now and then.

~When Life Gives You Rain... Make The Most of The Day".


Remember this graphic? I used a few months ago. I'll probably use it again~it's a favorite!

Well, today I decided to embrace the wet weather- what else can you do, really? It was a great day for visiting the new market in town, restocking, cleaning the refrigerator and getting things done so the weekend will be free to enjoy. YES!!! Sunny skies are headed our way!

Have a wonderful weekend. And if you have lemons... make Limoncello.

If it rains... take a long walk with one of your snazzy umbrellas.


  1. Wishing you a great weekend too, Debra!

  2. Deb- a thimblefull! Ha! Oh you really are a gal after my own limoncella heart. Hope the sun comes out for you and if not, singin in the rain is kinda fun too!

  3. I'll trade our 100* heat for your rain! Deal? You are making me crave lemonade. Must go get some.

  4. I have to admit...I do love the rain. From inside or outside, doesn't matter. And limoncella isn't too bad either!

    Wishing you sunny weekend!!

  5. I love rainy days however only a couple at a time. Mmmm Limoncello!

  6. The sun is shining this morning! The dogs will have a big walk (Ginger is 9 today) and we will check on the bloom progress of the fireweed, then I will watch my friend play in a tennis tournament. PS I love limoncello! So sweet and refreshing!!

  7. Hope you have a sun shining weekend!

  8. Ah I love that you've featured the Rocket Fuel again Debra! Magic potion for all that ails you I reckon. And it makes the best lemon sorbet too. Enjoy your rainy day.
    Millie ^_^

  9. Hi Debra!
    So nice to meet you, and a neighbor too! I love Maine! It's so beautiful and has such a great spirit.
    Love the rain graphic! I also like the saying, 'Some people walk in the rain, others just get wet.' I do love a rainy day, but enough already!!
    Hope you are having a sunny weekend. Yesterday we went to Vermont to antique and today more house projects- no rain so far!
    see you again soon,

  10. I happened upon your blog when I looked up hydrangeas. Love the lemon photo and really love the animated rain pic. Would love to know how that was done.

    Stop by and say hello if you have a moment.

  11. I'll have to remember this one! I heart Limoncello!


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