Monday, July 20, 2009

Out and about~

~LL BEAN- Hunting and Fishing Store~


We were off to Freeport and Portland.

This is the new hunting and fishing annex at LL BEAN. It's really fabulous! Especially if you're into hunting and fishing... My husband is definitely into fly fishing, so we stopped here for some supplies. Then on to the Flagship store.

~Beautiful wood carvings at LL BEAN~

LL BEAN and all of the outlet shops in Freeport are about 40 minutes from our home. This is not the time of year to shop there, as anyone that visits Maine in the summer stops in Freeport!

~Whole Foods~

Fresh-made sausage, figs, steak and sweet ginger cookies here!

Saturday was a fun-filled day-spent shopping and poking around Portland's Old Port.

~My lovely niece and her fiance~


My sister and I headed back to Freeport and Yarmouth. We were meeting my niece and her fiance, who were in Maine for a wedding. They live in San Francisco, so any chance we have to get together is special.

We had lunch here!

Another day spent, enjoying beautiful Maine weather and spending time with family.

Were you out and about this past weekend?

I hope you enjoyed family, friends, fun and fabulous food.
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Drop by and take a peek.


  1. This is one weekend I stayed home for the most part and caught up on cleaning and chores. I decided which book I will read next too (see my blog)....

    I see the family resemblance in your niece. She is so pretty! So glad you had a chance to enjoy their company at the Muddy Runner!! xoxo Have a great Monday, Debra!!

  2. What a fun-filled weekend! Family and friends are always a highlight of any day!

    Have a wonderful week!

  3. Oh what fun to get out and visit with family, near and far.
    Glad it was a fun time. Your niece and nephew look so sweet.

  4. Sounds like great fun Debra, xv.

  5. Love LL Bean you are lucky to live near the outlet store. Time with family always makes for a great weekend. My parents and niece just left today after ten day visit. We spent the weekend in Bavaria and it was amazing. Now i'm up to my ears in laundry! Have a wonderful Monday!

  6. Yes indeed sounds like the perfect weekend shopping at one of my favorite stores, Whole Foods and with family. I'm glad the weather added to your golden weekend! I hope it stays for a great week to enjoy outodoors too. xoxo

    PS Tonya is a sweetie and so ever talented!

  7. So glad you had a great weekend. Your neice and fiance make a handsome couple. It's great when you get to visit with family and/or friends who live across the country. It's special!

  8. I loved long weekend getaways with my late husband, sometimes very spontaneous. So glad you had fun.Your niece is darling!

  9. Maine is the perfect place to spend July!!
    And you are right, your niece is lovely!!


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