Thursday, July 30, 2009

Rain~Rain Go Away...

~My boring black umbrella~

We are having so much many of you. I am keeping my boring, black umbrella close by at all times. I don't leave the house without it and I have an extra in my car. It's boring though! I think if we're going to have all of this rain-I may need an umbrella that's a bit more stylish! Do you have a sharp, stylish umbrella?

Perhaps you just grab your partner's golf umbrella?

Maybe when you want to puddle-jump you have this ducky little number?

This is a stylish, classic pattern!

Maybe something a little wild and crazy?

To mimic all of those tiny raindrops-don't you love this polka-dot umbrella?

It's raining cats...and DOGS !

A bold tartan! Perfect for a fall or holiday rainfall.

This one reminds me of a racing flag.

A bright, snazzy umbrella to cheer the gloomiest day.

Do you have a sharp, fun or wacky umbrella? Is it getting plenty of use this summer?


As I write, I am seeing just a glimmer of sun! I'm going to dash off for a quick walk...but I'm taking my boring black umbrella... just in case.


  1. I happily admit that my little girl's Orange Nemo umbrella makes the rainy days so much more fun!

  2. That polka dot umbrella is so much more fun than my boring black one!

  3. I have a ballet pink raincoat and my umbrella is colorful with bright brushstrokes. It may look like an Impressionist pain style to some people. It was a gift, and I love it!

  4. I use a wonderful HUGE golf umbrella that husband Ron acquired from a recent tournament. I just love it, especially on the dog walks when rain threatons. Lots of coverage. If it is not too windy we stay relatively dry.

    Our summer started off with lots of sun, but we have had about 5 days of rain/sun. I understand it has been very rainy in the East this summer. We had your weather last summer.

  5. Send the rain this way. My state has been in a drought way to long. I don't even have an umbrella for rain, but if I did get one I like that brown polka dot one. I could use my huge beach umbrella I guess. That would be funny to see. lol

  6. I love a classic black one, but I must admit to having some fun bright makes them easy to find!

  7. Oh I just love this creative post. The umbrellas are all so pretty that they would make any rainy day a bit more tolerable.

    Tricia - Avolli

  8. Maybe you will have the most gorgeous fall since your summer has been so wet. I hope so :)

  9. It seems it has not stopped for week, I am considering building an Ark. Love the umbrella with the dogs.

  10. I hope you got your walk in, but walking in the rain under a pretty umbrella could be fun jumping in a puddle or two.

    Have a golden weekend my friend! xoxo

  11. I hope that you get a reprieve from the rain soon, Debra! I just own a boring and functional umbrella - nothing too exciting. Have a wonderful wknd and, as always, thank you for the sweet and supportive comment!

  12. how opposite of me, I have been searching everywhere for your boring black umbrella!


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