Tuesday, July 7, 2009

This I know for sure~


* Family comes first.

* We are stronger than we think we are.

* Friends offer the very best support.

* You don't need as much sleep as you think you do.

* You don't need as much food as you think you do.

* I am ever grateful to my wonderful husband and sweet sister.

* I have the worlds most adorable Grandchildren.

* Hotels are over-rated!

* We really do need sunshine.....and vitamin D.

* A good cup of coffee is like the comfort of a precious friend.

* Bad things really can happen to good people.


* "Thank-you" just doesn't cover it!


  1. Deb
    Welcome back I hope you are doing well. I couldn't agree more with your post, it was beautifully said. This year has been a bumpy road for me and if it wasn't for blog I wouldn't have made it. Have a wonderful day.

  2. There is alot of power in friendship, whether it's in person or in the blogsphere.
    So glad you are back!!

  3. There's no place like home indeed!
    I was away in Japan for 2 weeks recently & I do appreciate my humble home even more now!

  4. most of those things are invaluable lessons, but some of those i wish you wouldn't have had to go through. i'm glad you're back!

    i had a very nice anniversary...i hope you did too and that you were able to celebrate.

  5. There is no place like home. Peace, security and love are always nearby (as well as a good cup of coffee and a friend, be it 2 or 4 legged) xoxoxo

  6. Yes my friend I second the motion!! Just when I didn't think I could go on there was the love of my life, family and friends to cheer me on and bringing me back. Home is where the heart is and the ones that mean the most to us. Close your eyes and here comes the imaginary hugs... xoxo

  7. Words for all of us to remember....hugs to you Debra.

  8. those are such great words, I think I will copy them down in my book of inspiration so I can read them when I find myself in crisis.

    hugs from Laura and Norman Alexander :)

  9. Life can change in an instant and I have witnessed this.
    I find myself giving thanks for little things and asking for so much less.

  10. Wonderful list. I agree with it all.

  11. I love your list. I want to print it out and keep it with me ;)

  12. A beautiful list - each full of wisdom.

  13. great list and all so true

  14. Lovely words from a beautiful soul.
    Millie ^_^


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