Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Perfect for a Quiet Night~

~Diana Krall~

~Quiet Nights~

My husband LOVES Diana Krall- and he should! She is fabulous!

I got this CD for him as a birthday gift. I think I listen to it as much as he does.

Perfect music for summer evenings.

Available Here.

My best Quiet Nights are spent with you!



  1. She is one of my favorites...and I don't have this cd! Thanks for reminding me to put on my wish list.

  2. Her music is so soothing! I love summer nights like that. Wine and soft music.Have a great day!

  3. funny - we are both feeling jazzy -today.
    love her voice too.

  4. I love her voice. I'm with the hubby there.

  5. I think I will listen!! and she has on a lovely black dress!! I wish I could have a quiet night but the husband "tunes out" on TV..... I have the Bose headphones but they are too bulky and annoying to wear and they do not cut out all the sound. I would love something that silences the sense of hearing while Mr. O watches his loud TV. (his hearing is starting to go)....

  6. Thanks for the very sweet comment, Debra! I also love Diana Krall...her music has such a soothing quality.

  7. I enjoy listening to DK too! Your husband has a great ear for beautiful music.

    There isn't much I don't enjoy in the music area. It could be that I can't carry a tune, and learn to appreciate the sounds all the more.
    Enjoy! xoxo

  8. I'll have to give her a listen to. Thanks for the recommendation. :)

  9. Love, love her music! I may have to get this one soon!

  10. Yes, she's great! MOTH likes 'Old Farts Music' as the kids call it - & I tend to agree with them! So I listen to what the kids are into, rather than the peculiar music my lovely husband chooses! You are lucky you both like the same stuff Debra.
    Millie ^_^

  11. My husband as well LOVES Diana. It is great romance music. Glad to know you liked her new cd. Must snap it up. Happy weekend to you at the beach. Much jealous!


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