Friday, July 17, 2009

Fabulous Farm Store~

~Fentiman's Botanically Brewed Tonic Water~
This little bottle of Tonic Water- makes the very best Gin and Tonic. Found at The Green Spot farm store.
If you enjoy a summery gin and tonic- look for this! You'll never want regular tonic water again. It's even great as a refreshing beverage by itself!
~Farm Stand~

Actually, it's a farm store! The bright yellow building has been in business for 30 years-run by two sisters. There are no business cards or website- the name is The Green Spot!

It was a bright yellow spot in my day! This place had it all. Wonderful meats, a bakery that was amazing, homemade pickles of every kind, wine, nuts and the produce... oh, the produce. There was everything one could ever want...except for my figs {and they are due in any day now}.

There were lobsters-fresh from the Atlantic, crab, clams- and really just about anything you could ever want to make a fresh, delicious, dinner-Maine style!

Oh, I could have spent hours poking about the shelves of homemade jams, jellies, relishes, dips-and jars upon jars of fun candy for the little tykes.
The Green Spot is about 35 minutes from our home... but that's not too far to travel to support our local farmers, fishermen, bakers and candy makers!


I know that our friend over at PvE grew up helping out at the family fruit market.

Oh to be a guest at that dinner table!


Do you have a favorite go to farm stand? I'd love to hear about the offerings.

Of course I didn't expect to fall in love, so I didn't have my camera. Photo compliments of google search.


  1. Deb-
    Thanks for the mention dear. I love farm stands. On the weekends, we have a wonderful farmers market which is situated right above the Hudson River. I take my basket and a little money and always bring something delightful home for all to share.
    I love tonic and will have to seek that one out. We do have a divine market here, and they give generously to our schools and do not sell tobacco. I love a market with good intentions.

  2. Big kudos to you for supporting the local people! What a difference it makes...

    We have farmer's markets almost every day near us, but my favorite is the Ferry Building on Saturdays in the city. The food, the produce, the juices, the breads, the pastries, the meats - it's all mouth-watering pleasures!

  3. We have an orchard roadstand here in the Adelaide Hills that sells home-made value-added produce made from their apples. Deep Dish Apple Pie, Apple Crumble, Apple Slice with Passionfruit Frosting - yum! MOTH is a keen Gin & Chronic guy, so he'd love your special Tonic Water Debra. Happy weekend to you dear.
    Millie ^_^

  4. We have a weekly farmer's market here in town, but it's very small. I prefer to drive to the next town, where the market is abit larger, and the people are more friendly. I love the homemade cheeses and scones (so yummy) fruits, & veggies. I always feel good about supporting the farmers. We need them and they need us.

  5. That looks like a wonderful store. Makes me want to shop.

  6. I love local stores and that store looks amazing. I too love to browse the local offerings. Our local farmers have great Wednesday and Saturday markets at which all veges, flowers, plants, fresh seafood and home baked hearty breads are offered. Delightful!!! With our outstanding weather and endless sunshine the produce has been large, healthy and delicious!!!

  7. Oh my, all of this looks delicious! We have favorite spots at our capitol's farmer's market on the weekends. Last weekend we found unshelled peas! What a treat!

  8. This farm stand is so cute! Did mention lobster too?!! Other then the grocery stores and farmer's market I don't know of any farm stands near us. I will have to keep my eye open. I hope the weather holds up. Enjoy! xoxo

  9. looks and sounds wonderful. this is one of the things i miss most about the states. it does have the best farmer´s markets. happy weekend!


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