Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Beautiful Hydrangea~

~Lace Cap Hydrangea~

These beautiful Lace Cap Hydrangea were everywhere this weekend. I was visiting the south shore of Massachusetts- and it was abundant in gorgeous blue Hydrangeas of every variety.


This little Bumble Bee was busy gathering nectar from this Lace Cap Hydrangea.

We have a yard full of Endless Summer Hydrangea~ they are a real favorite of ours. I have posted about them before- you can read that post here.

If you have a fondness for this beautiful shade of blue- and you love the glorious flower of the Hydrangea, I encourage you to try the Endless Summer variety of Hydrangea- perfect for colder climates.

Unfortunately, the Lace Cap Hydrangea does not winter well here in the northeast, but it does very well in Massachusetts and areas south of Massachusetts.


  1. I love Hydrangeas,any color, mixed colors; it doesn't matter to me. Right now, our are pink with green - lovely to look at.

  2. Hydrangeas are one of the most amazing bushes...I love to see one laden with those heavy blue blooms, draping a walkway or an entry.
    The color is so inviting.

  3. at a glance, looks like there were butterflies surrounding the flowers...oh yeah, those are part of the petals!...duhhh
    ps: sorry still too early,must have my coffee asap! ;)

  4. It's such a sweet happy flower.

  5. I second Kwana's comment. PS That license plate reads: 3 Daughters

  6. One of my very favorite flowers, peonies, mandevillas, and lilies, come clos, Love the lace cap variety.

  7. I love blue Hydrangeas! If only you can imagine my excitment when my little bush bloomed in blue!!

    I hope you had a wonderful time my dear friend. xoxo

  8. Such pretty flowers! We picked some the other day and they are so gorgeously displayed around our house which is decorated with ivory and the blue is a striking addition.

  9. Your comment on the Corner View post made me laugh...YOU ARE THE SWEETEST!!!! Now I need to go to the next post, because I saw something about packing????

  10. These are stunning! I love hydrangeas.


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