Monday, April 6, 2009

April showers~

~This Old House image~

The saying goes- "April showers bring May flowers"... So we are hoping that this May will bring
an abundance of spring flowering plants, budded trees and some lovely flowering bulbs our way.

Here in the northeast we have had our fair share of rainy days and evenings. We always hope that this will contribute to a quick greening of the lawns and perhaps the flowering bulbs will appear a little earlier. We are ever so hopeful.

After several days of rain, it is such a beautiful sight to look at the hills and see a light haze of fresh, green buds on the trees. The Robins have started singing their early morning wake-up calls and there is definitely a warmth to the breeze coming in off the lake across the road.

The pups out for casual walk stand still with their noses upright toward the sky- still and silent. They certainly sense the change and are eager to spend more time outside - sniffing out the new growth of spring. I think she is near~ perhaps just around the corner.


  1. Doesn't Spring smell wonderful? So many delicious perfumes on our walk tonight. However, things are changing now and we are expecting
    snow (!) flurries tomorrow! I am just so grateful I have not yet put out the ferns!!

  2. Lovely to hear this news Debra. Here on the other side of the world it's getting decidedly chilly. MOTH's been hurriedly barrowing up the wood for our fire from his stash on the Tennis Court & I reckon this Easter weekend we'll light our first fire for the year. And just 6 weeks ago we had that record-breaking 117F. summer day!

    Thanks for your lovely comments over @ The Hedge today, I'll pass then onto Son #5. In his quiet way I think he'll be very chuffed.
    Millie ^_^

  3. I love that haze of green buds - Earth Mother is renewing herself.

  4. Oh what a charming cottage. There is truly nothing more magical than Spring. Just yesterday, I spotted buds beginning to pop and greens glowing. I love Spring time!

  5. Pamela~ The pups can snif what we can't and they are saying, "It's almost here".

    Millie~ Yes, your weather changes so rapidly. Wine by a warm fire can be perfectly lovely though.

    Purple Flowers~ That haze is the perfect shade of green, isn't it? Then some purple flowers!

    PVE~ Love the cottage-my on-going tribute to the cutest spots ever.

  6. I like the color of the cottage and how it makes the flowers realllly pop. A very beautiful cottage. Spring and fall are my two favorite times of the year. It is funny seeing things wake up slowly from a lonnnng winter.

    Have a golden day my friend! xoxo

    PS we got snow again last night. Mother nature is being a big tease this year. lol...

  7. SNOW!!! Spring will be that much sweeter when she turns the corner. Have a great day Joyce.

  8. Julia~ Still thinking about that fluffy frosting...

    Happy Painter~ Loved your illustration this morning! So happy you stopped by.

  9. What a beautiful house image - it looks like the perfect way to spend a Spring weekend!

  10. Kotori~ I could spend a weekend relaxing in this little cottage- after I attend your house tour.

  11. just discovered your blog--LOVE this photo.

  12. Absolutely Not Martha~ And I just stopped by to visit you-lovely.

  13. They way you describe it- I feel like I´m there! Enjoy!

  14. If anyone is deserving of Spring's arrival, It's YOU, Debra! Hope things burst forth in bloom very soon!

  15. Jane~ I wish you were here.

    Anne~ Spring will come-and be so much sweeter!


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