Friday, April 3, 2009

Things that mean Happy.

A walk on a quiet beach~

Stems of fresh Freesia...

Homemade onion soup...

Maybe just a little more onion soup for comfort...

A hot cappuccino shared with someone special.


I hope that your weekend is filled with all that means Happy for you.


  1. Deb, I hope your weekend is a golden one! I love all of your happy things. xoxo

  2. A gorgeous collection of dreamy images Debra, but sadly I'll be working as MOTH's labouring offsider, our bathroom renos wait for no man, or beach, or cappucino for that matter! Enjoy yours & the lovely Spring weather that's hopefully coming your way.
    Millie ^_^

  3. As I was reading your words and looking at the pics. I could feel myself smile.
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Lovely pictures to start the weekend. I love the ocean, and PS am commenting from the airport!! Headed towards the Atlantic Ocean... have a great weekend, Debra!

  5. Joyce~ I bet you make a mean onion soup!

    Millie~ Congrats to YOU! Don't let MOTH work you too hard this weekend.

    Purple Flowers~I do love it if I can make one person smile each day. Thank you!

    Ina~ Safe travels. Won't it be nice to see your Mom?

  6. as i was scrolling down, i thought, oops she accidentally posted the soup twice....then i read it and smiled.....yes, always can have more onion soup. have a great weekend.

  7. Lovely Visons Debra,I especially love the first & last photographs!

  8. jae~ just had to do that! A really good onion soup is my all time favorite...

    Karena~ Yes, I would love to be in either spot right now. Beach or sky!

  9. I loved this post, Debra! I hope you have a wonderful weekend full of HAPPY!

  10. Have a great weekend. Loved the pretty pictures!

  11. And I thought you would have a photo or a drawing of your microwave!
    Just checking, is it back in order?

  12. Is that wells beach?
    Sure looks like it.

  13. Anne~ Thanks-you have a great weekend too.

    M~ So glad you stopped by-happy weekend!

    PVE~ Yes! We're back in business. Thankfully.

    Geology~ Geez...I don't know is it? A friend sent it to me when I said I would like a walk on the beach soon... Let me know so I can send 'thanks'.

  14. Lovely thoughts. Have a wonderful weekend Debra, xv.

  15. That first image had me pulled in, hook line and sinker!

    Have a wonderful weekend, dearest!

  16. And you also Vicki. Happy weekend!

    Julia~ Wouldn't a walk on that beach be wonderful?

  17. These make me happy to see! Are these all your photos? - you're really getting good with your camera!

  18. visual delights! One day i shall be on a hot air balloon... ~Happy Spring to you!


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