Tuesday, April 7, 2009

When Life Gives You Rainy Days... clean house!

We awoke to a beautiful, sunny, bird chirping sort of day. By mid-morning it was cool, gray and drizzly. So, when you're hoping for a nice, warm, sunny day and you get just the opposite- what do you do??? Get out the mop and start the "spring-cleaning"...

I think by getting these chores done on a gray day like this, it will make those warmer, sunny days ahead that much sweeter.

I lifted all of the windows, and got to it!

What do you do on these early spring days when you are just itching to get outside and Mother nature has other plans?

Image~ Eco~maids


  1. Debra, so interesting you said that, my daughter in law came over Sat to help me do some cleaning & organizing! Still more to be done of course!

  2. I plopped on the sofa and read. I also stared(yes, stared) at a soft spot of grass in the backyard that has become muddy. I kept the door open for a while, so I could smell the rain, and the Springtime mud. It's kinda like the idea of the Earth being defrosted.

  3. Gosh you're good Debra! I'm sure I've got a severe case of Domestic Disinterest, that will only be cured once our renovations are finished. Anyway well done, I can feel your shiny, clean house from here!
    Millie ^_^

  4. When life give me rainy days I read, read, read and read....but when spring arrives I start cleaning like mad. Don't know why, it just takes complete control over me that I must clean every little corner in my house. Now that we're planning to move in a couple of weeks..hmmm....it don't feel like cleaning though. I'll wait for the movers to pack and unpack, than I'll be hysteric enough to clean within a few days....sigh.

  5. Yesterday, it was a rainy day here and I had to work, to illustrate - and that is just what I did. I gave myself a "window" of time to accomplish what I intended and it worked. Rather than wait for a sunny day, I was able to create a sunny day in a drawing. When it was complete, would you believe that the SUN actually came out and everything looked so green, so fresh, so vivid!
    I bet your home is sparkling. Do you have a french maid's uniform like that? She looks like she would rather be outside! Love her eyes.

  6. Karena~ Cleaning and organizing for spring- just puts a dpring in your step!

    Purple Flowers~ I would have loved reading all day. I didn't have a new book handy...and thought-what the heck!

    Millie~ Why bother until you're all spruced up. If I had a major re-do going on-this is the last thing I'd be doing!!!

    CT~ I'm going to be sending you a message soon- so be watching...

    PVE~ Maybe if I start a sketch the sun will come out- it's another rainy day here. When that sun pops-so will the green grass.

  7. Deb, if you have any more gray days and energy and want to give a hand (carry the hand thing over from pve) come on over for coffee and scones! LOL...

    This was a very productive day to get the inside done so when the sun peaks out today, you can enjoy the sun.

    Have a golden day my friend! xoxo

  8. I believe that I am with Millie - I too have a severe case of Domestic Disinterest! I love rainy days - makes it easier to work in my studio. I'd rather be out in the dirt on sunny days. Hope you're having a great week!

  9. You are much better than me. I get lazy and sleep.

  10. Hi Debra,

    Well we shared the same weather and the same tought. The weather here is so bad that even the dogs didn't want to go out for a walk. I just made a start with the big spring cleaning.

  11. Joyce~ I'll take coffee and scones any day over cleaning! Thanks dear!

    Rachel~ It must be the lack of a studio... next sunny day-I'm outside!

    Kwana~ Lazy and sleep are good! I do that too!

    M~ My pups don't want to go out either. It's raining cats and dogs here!!!!

  12. I have my own room at my Mom's house in Jersey. It is a little upstairs "cove" area. It was quite dusty so during the rainy morning I dusted, vacuumed, organized, pulled out clothes for donation (I keep clothes there too), etc. It was very productive and I felt very accomplished and cozy on Monday night when I went to bed.

  13. I love the idea of a little cove. A place to read and dream. Sweeter still when all organized and tidy. Sweet Dreams Ina.

  14. You always look on the bright side, Debra - I love that about you! I have the opposite problem here in FL...almost everyday is so nice, it's hard to stay inside and get work done!

  15. Anne~ I will come and work for sunny days...


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