Thursday, April 9, 2009

Easter Radishes~

~Cherry Belle~

~French Breakfast~

~Lovely Radish Bouquet~

I love radishes! I have always loved radishes. I think it started back in the third grade when our teacher gave us seed and we were sent home to plant them. My radish seedlings erupted in less than three days and I was a self-proclaimed gardener right then and there!

There are many delicious varieties of radishes. There is the common Cherry Belle. That's the round variety that you commonly see at the grocer, extra early, so very rewarding. Then there is White Icicle- a long white radish with a strong and exciting taste.

My favorite is the French Breakfast. You can find this variety at the farmer's markets and every once in a while at your local grocer. When you're lucky enough to spot these, grab them! Dipped in sea salt or gray salt, accompanied by a crispy baguette and a spread of soft creamy butter- it's a meal!

I enjoy a little Pinot Grigio with my radishes, followed by a square of rich, dark chocolate.

A bouquet of spring radishes with a little loaf of good bread, some salt and a glass of fine white wine would rival about any chocolate bunny. Well, maybe a little square of dark chocolate would be nice......


  1. mmmm looks delicious! unfortunately my boys find them "spicy" so I don't buy them very often.

  2. I adore their colours!! Just like the hat I'm currently knitting for a little neighbor's Easter box!!

    Thanks so very much for the sweet Happy Birthday wish you left for me. It snowed on my birthday, which was a lovely surprise!!

  3. Those radishes look delicious! I can hear the crunch. I'm going look for the French ones.

  4. Ooohh heaven.....I love all of them. Now I know what to buy today, Thx!

  5. Lecia~ Radishes may be an acquired taste. I know more that don't care for them, than those that do!

    Pamela~ A lucky neighbor getting a piece of your hand-work.

    Purple Flowers~ Try them- you won't be able to stop. There's even a nice purple variety!

    CT~ Hope you can find some at your market. Let me know.

  6. There's nothing like a thick radish samdwich -I love the crunch

    Have a great Easter

  7. I have just recently started to eat them in salads. I will be willing to try them as you mention on a piece of bread. You did say the requirement is the bottle of wine to go with it, right? The photos looks like bunches of flowers. Enjoy your day my friend! xoxo

  8. Joyce~ The wine is a crucial part of the delicious treat-Yes!

  9. Mary~ I think your sandwich just says~Spring!

  10. Radishes, beets, carrots, turnips - all those happy roots bring me delight. I love radishes and in France, they serve them with fresh butter and salt.
    Growing up, my mother taught me how to make the most lovely roses out of radishes. Off to find some radishes!

  11. That's just how I love my radishes! I'm a fan for all of the root veggies too!
    I'm off for some fresh flowers to scent my home.

  12. Glorious colours! they literally can be a table centrepiece! ~Joyful Spring*

  13. I love radishes, too, Debra! Have a very Happy Easter!


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