Friday, April 10, 2009

Full Moon and a holiday weekend~


Do you celebrate the Easter holiday or Passover? I think the spring holidays are special as it is a wonderful time to bring together family and good friends. Special meals and lively conversation help to bring in a new season. Whatever you do to celebrate the spring season this is a good time to invite friends and family for a special gathering.
Do you have plans for the weekend? A special meal, an Easter egg hunt, putting on a new bonnet and heading out to an Easter parade? I'd love to hear your plans.

~Full, beautiful moon~

This is what greeted me as I left for the gym early Thursday morning. A stunning, full moon.
I had to stop my car and just look at it for a few minutes. Some think a full moon brings on a mood, a little rambunctiousness, perhaps I bit of wildness. I thought it was the most wonderful sight.

Does your mood change with the full moon? Do you feel like kicking up your heels and getting slightly crazy?

Whatever your plans for this weekend, I hope it's filled with fun, fab food, chocolate Easter eggs and perhaps a parade.


  1. Happy Easter my friend!

    In the morning I will send Gary and Kelly on the hunt to find their baskets. Yes poor Gary I make him look for his. Afterwards we will be going over to my sister's home. I have eggs to color and some to fill for my nephew and nieces and make a dish.

    What are your plans for Easter?

    Oh dear what time do you leave the house to see the moon?

    Enjoy... xoox

  2. Happy Easter Debra! Since my family and friends are in The Netherlands there won't be a gathering of all of them. We'll go to Holland in two weeks though. So the Easterplan for just the four of us is to have a nice meal and a walk in Verona on Sunday after we have visited our new apartment. To show the kids their new home and bedrooms.
    I wouldn't know it a full moon has any effect on my mood. Something else does ;-)
    Again, have a nice Easter, C.

  3. One fine Easter, my mother made a yellow plaid cape and sheath dress for me and I felt so special. I must admit to feeling very sly, very british and sort of Twiggy in it at age 11 or so.
    This Easter I shall cook "Gigot de sept heure" and have some friends over for a day of libation, lively banter and of course some eggs to "I spy" in the garden.

  4. I'll never forget that age of about 9 or so, when my Mother bought me a white slightly quilted-like dress with one daffodil on the front. I wore that dress for classes pictures, and if I could I would have worn it to sleep in.

    On Easter, we will eat a delicious Italian feast and yummy desserts with family. As always, a great and grateful time.

  5. Happy Easter Debra!

    Wasn't the fullmoon pretty I saw it when Jack and i went for a midnight stroll with the dogs. And the plan for Easter... wining and dining with family & friends.

  6. Joyce~ Oh what a fun weekend at your house. I wouldn't mind searching for an Easter basket that you put together!!!

    CT~ Your walk in Verona~ Oh to be there. Have a great weekend.

    PVE~ I bet you were very chic and stylish-even as a youngster. Enjoy your day with the whole family at home- It's beautiful here!

    Purple Flowers~ Those Italians can do a holiday dinner like no other! I miss those days in NY with huge family dinners for the holidays.

    M~ And beautiful again this morning. I'd rather be taking a midnight walk with the pups than heading off to the gym and 5 a.m....

  7. I usually have everyone to my house for a holiday, but this Easter we have decided to do it a bit more relaxed. We are having an early evening picnic and celebration at the beach. (after the rest of the crowds have gotten fried like eggs and gone home) Everyone will bring something so that it isn't too much work for anyone. That and an early morning egg hunt, of course. Happy Easter to you and your family.

  8. Happy Easter Debra, I will be family for Noon Brunch, always a wonderful time for all!

  9. How I do love Easter! There are several delightful children in my neighborhood that I always make Easter boxes for. I fill them with goodies and sneak over sometime during the weekend to hide them in the gardens. I'll tuck one under an azalea, one in the fronds of a fern. They are filled with chocolate eggs and bunnies. This year, one of my favourite little girls... the one who often comes to my house for tea under the magnolia a wee bit too old for the same treatment as her little siblings, so she's getting a colourful and festive cotton knitted hat in her box, along with a few chocolate eggs of course. Can you tell I'm having fun?!!

    As for the full moon...I always find it difficult to stay in bed at night. I'm often found in the windowseat, gazing out at the back garden. I think everything looks so magical by the light of a full moon.

    Happy Easter Weekend to you!!

  10. Jae~ I love the sound of your weekend. Easter on the beach! We are having a beautiful, warm day here. So thankful!

    Karena~ Oh Brunch-my favorite meal! Have a great weekend! Ooodles of compliments on my gorgeous, new painting Karena.

    Pamela~ I have such a nice visual of you hiding Easter boxes. I love the full moon too! I sometimes do my best work with a full moon to light my way.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  11. I love Full moons, and I notice that I do get crazier around full moon times, but then again I am a pretty crazy girl to start. This easter sprung up on me and since my family is not in Cali, Norm, B and I will celebrate together. B and I plan on going to the easter vigil mass. I am excited! Have a lovely holiday weekend :)

  12. What a beautiful image of the moon... so amazing.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  13. Happy Easter to you. I plan to eat too much ham and hopefully laugh a lot between giving thanks.

  14. We are having a big brunch with family & friends tomorrow. The weather here is just perfect, everyone is over the moon (no pun intended!). Lots of work around the property, no rest for poor MOTH. Have a wonderful weekend dear Debra.
    Millie ^_^


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