Thursday, April 23, 2009

Spring Wedding~


On Friday, I will be heading to New York for a spring, weekend wedding.
The weatherman reports warm, sunny days. Just perfect for a special Bride and Groom to celebrate the beginning of their new life together.

I'm looking forward to a family reunion. I will meet my sister, who has been vacationing in Florida at the airport and we will get to our hotel and await the arrival of my niece, her fiancee, and my son. A special adults-only weekend full of family and festivities.

Do you have special plans for a warm, sunny spring weekend?


  1. Debra, have a wonderful time and take photos! What is better than a Springtime wedding?!

  2. Goodmorning Debra,....ooohh...I wish I could go to NY as well. So, have a great time take lots of pictures and enjoy the sunny weekend in beautiful NY with your family. Sound perfect to me!!!
    X, Carmie.

  3. Have a wonderful joyous weekend in gorgeous NYC Debra. Gosh you've had a busy couple of weeks, you'll need a week of R&R when you get back home to recover!

  4. Debra: The weather is suppose to be on your side. Sunny and maybe 80 degrees.
    Enjoy your time w/family, and as mentioned above, please take some photos.
    The Lilies of the Valley are gorgeous. My neighbor grows them, and I could stare at their feminity beauty all day long. Great pic.

  5. My dear friend have a golden weekend! Weddings bring happiness, laughter, families and friends together. Enjoy the wedding and hope you get to visit around NY a bit before heading home. I have my fingers cross you will share some of your highlights of the weekend. xoxox

  6. Springtime in NY...perfect...with friends and family...even better. Have a wonderful time.

  7. Lovely time to be in NYC, and for a wedding! Enjoy!!! Shop a bit too!! Hope the weather will cooperate. Look forward to pictures! xoxo

  8. Did you take this photo? It is wonderful! My Lily-of-the-valley are nearly in bloom and I can't wait to shoot them after seeing this shot!
    Have a lovely weekend and enjoy the wedding!

  9. I have to work all weekend :( But yours sounds wonderful!! Enjoy!

  10. Have a wonderful time in NY, Debra! XO

  11. Debra, I know you'll have a wonderful time...Spring weddings are the best!
    Nature is always so inspiring...

  12. Hope your weekend is filled with love and hope. Weddings always make me realize just how special love is and family too.
    Enjoy and travel safe. We are having gorgeous weather today.


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