Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Happy Birthday~

~A Perfect Day~

Today is my husband's birthday. The above photo depicts his perfect day.

Happy Birthday Dear John. My wish for you~ many days such as this. A gentle, quiet river, good friends nearby, a rise, the smell of a distant wood fire, a cool rum and tonic waiting upon your return to the camp, a delicious meal and a peaceful, dreamy sleep.

~Happy Birthday~

Come home early.


  1. Happy Birthday to your dear one. I wish him a heavenly day full of joy, of hope and of good things.

  2. Happy Birthday to your husband! Looks like he is quite a fisherman.

  3. Happy Birthday to your Husband!

    Although I don't fish or fly fish, the surroundings of the river and trees and water running is beautiful! I don't blame them for wanting to be out in nature.

  4. PVE~ Thank you! We'll have a nice dinner and quiet evening.

    Julia~ Thank you dear one.

    Lecia~ He's an incredible fly-fisherman.

    Purple Flowers~ Nothing quite like a flowing river and some good friends.

  5. A day doing our favorite things is the way every birthday should be spent. Happy Birthday to John!

  6. Sorrrry, I must be late now :-(

    From me as well a happy birthday to your husband in other words: Birthday wishes from Italy as well to you John (if I may).
    Debra, for you best the wishes as well with your husband. Carmie.

  7. You're welcome ;-).....You're soooo endearing, thx!

  8. Happy birthday to him!
    His perfect day looks wonderful - ah, to be in nature by a fresh stream...

  9. Happy Birthday John! I hope your day was full of golden moments and all your wishes to come true!
    BTW this is a great photo that looks like it should be in a fly fishing magazine! xoxo

  10. Happy, happy birthday to John!! Looks like he is a man's man, however he is yours!


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