Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A closet cleanse~

~Not mine... but I wish!!!~

It has been raining hard all day here. The sound on the metal roof could easily lull you into an afternoon nap. I spent the day organizing my closets and purging things I never wore last winter. I got out the lighter clothes for spring and summer, took stock of what I had, what I could part with and a few basics that I needed {wanted}.

Simplifying my wardrobe was one of the smartest things I ever did. A few years ago, I decided I wanted a basic selection of good quality, time-tested pieces. I pretty much live in jeans, white and chambray shirts for everyday. I have dressier things for when I need to play dress-up. Keeping your wardrobe simple with well-fitted items can take all of the guess work out of that age old problem... "what will I wear". Don't get me wrong-I love clothes and love putting together outfits. A cute jacket here and snazzy top there.

I love shoes~ballet flats mostly. I rarely wear heels, they kill my feet and I'm already tall enough-so why put my toes through that?

I filled three leaf bags of clothing to give to Good Will. Some of those things had been put away for a couple of years, thinking I would once again wear them. NO... if I haven't touched it in two years-out it goes.

Keep it simple, low maintenance, with a good fit, toss in some stylish accents here and there and you're good to go... just about anywhere.


  1. Ironically, Debra, I did the same today and have a pile of clothes to donate started on one of the beds in our spare bedroom....but you have inspired me to dig deeper and get rid of the clothes I THINK I will wear someday.... Thank you..... I also needed to make room for some new things I bought while I was in NJ...

  2. I go through our closets in January and February. I agree simple and easy is better. We too have been having a lot of rain. It is cool out, but the news say 80ish for Sat.

  3. Great quote you have at the bottom of your post!! Love it! That's my rule in our house as well; 2 years? - Never touched? - OUT!
    OOohhh, how I wish to have that closet as my next life maybe ;-)
    Have a nice day Debra, xx, Carmie.

  4. It's great therapy for me to purge through the closets, and give to charities. I have made this a yearly habit for quite some time, and I look forward to giving away. I will be doing a post on watches that Hubby and I collect. But you should see the handful I have given away to friends and neighbors. I haven't bought a watch in about two years - that's a long time for me, but it feels like the right thing to do. We have an excessive amount of 'things' and there are so many people with nothing or so little. I spread my bags among my charities, and hope they find the enjoyment I once did.

  5. You almost make cleaning and organizing a closet sound fun.

  6. I have this "closet cleanse" on my list - and recently listened to "French for all Seasons" from the Library and the pointers about having good quality items in your wardrobe and signature accessories can suddenly give you cache and freshness to a basic wardrobe. I too love ballet flats along with dance jazz shoes. One of my ballet teachers told me to that wearing a bit of a stacked heel was better for your posture and makes one stand up straight! That closet is simply the best.

  7. A closet cleanse is a great idea, Debra. I am with you on the ballet flats...I wore heels this weekend for 2 days and came away with major blisters.

  8. Inspirational! Something I need to do this Spring - thank you!


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