Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Lucca, Italy

~The DiSimo Cafe-Lucca~

Some have asked me why Lucca is part of my blog name. Lucca, Italy is a walled village in the Tuscan region of Italy. I have been very fortunate to visit Lucca on three occasions. The first was several years ago after my niece graduated from college. She was spending a month in Europe and my sister and I met her in Nice, France and then headed to Italy. On what was going to be just an over-night in Lucca to meet friends for lunch, we fell hard. It was right in the middle of high summer season in Italy, but we were smitten. So we spent the better part of our vacation in Lucca.

~Via Fillugo, Lucca~

I think perhaps I fell a little harder than my sister and niece, but we all loved it and had an incredible vacation. The people are friendly and helpful, the food and wine amazing, and I felt safe, comfortable and 'at home' there.

Lucca is the birthplace of the composer Puccini and there are signs of his music everywhere.

~The Amphitheater-Lucca~

Two years later my niece found a reasonable flight for us during Christmas and New Years, so off we went again. We rented a lovely apartment right off Via Fillungo, the main 'avenue' inside the wall. It was another wonderful trip. This time we spent a day in Cirque Terra {not nearly enough time}. New Year's Eve in Lucca was a village that came together to celebrate a new start and I have never known a New Year's celebration as festive and full of glee.

Two years after that trip, my dear friend Kathy and I went to Lucca for 12 days. We visited Cinque Terra - again for only one day {not nearly enough time}, we walked, we shopped, we drank good wine, we met interesting people and had the adventure of a lifetime together.

Lucca is a special place. My hope is to plan a vacation in Lucca for my husband and I. That is if I can get him off a river long enough to join me.

If you visit Italy and find yourself in the Tuscan region, make time to visit Lucca. I'm pretty sure you won't be disappointed.


  1. Thank you for your insight to this beautiful place!

  2. Do you have any "life-scapes" that you have done of this special place?
    Venice was like this for me. I fell in love with the water, the architecture and the people, but that was a long time ago.
    My husband and I went years ago and he was smitten too.
    I do hope you will go again.

  3. Purple lowers~ You would love this one garden we visited.

    PVE~ Yes the Lifescape that I did for my friend Kathy-you've seen it:)
    I hope you and your husband can return to Venice.

  4. Bellisimo! Lucca is the home of your heart.. you introduced it so well, some day I would hope to visit there. Have a peaceful, sunny day, Debra xoxo

  5. Thanks Deb for sharing for not only sharing a beautiful place, but one close to your heart. I can see how easy it was to love such a place. xoxo

  6. Kwana~ Let's GO!!!

    Ina~ Want to join Kwana and I? Wouldn't that be fun? I love it so much, I named my standard poodle Lucca!!!

    Joyce~ It is special to me! I sometimes dream about Lucca. Hope you're having a great day.

    Lecia~ Great village for kids.....

  7. I love Italy, have not been to Lucca, one day.......

  8. Ah, Italy. I can never get enough of it.

  9. Karena~ Oh, I do hope you get to visit Lucca one day. You would do lovely work there.

    Mary-Laure~ Isn't it gorgeous? Never enough.

  10. I can hear through your words just how smitten you are and it sounds nothing short of amazing. Still praying for your sweet little Jack.

  11. Hi! Just found your blog and it is lovely.....I have a blogging friend named Vale who lives in is her blog...
    Also, my sister spent some time there this summer and absolutely loved it! Me next!!
    Be well,Laura

  12. Thanks you for the great photos and recommendation, Debra. I have not yet been to Lucca, but have heard wonderful things about it and would love to go someday!

  13. Hello! I found your blog thanks to Laura of I'm happy to read lots of nice things about my town!!! I live in Lucca and I was born's so nice for me to hear you had a nice time in my town! Thank you!!! I hope you come back and we could meet for a coffee or a dinner!!!
    Have a nice week end!
    Vale from Lucca

  14. Jae~ Thanks for your continued thoughts and prayers. No news yet!

    Anne~ I hope you can visit Lucca- you would put brush to paper and work your magic.

    Laura~ Thank you for introducing me to Vale. Yes! You next! Go and feel the beauty and visit Vale!

    Vale~ So happy to meet you! We have lots to chat about!

  15. I'm heading to Tuscany at the beginning of June... I need to see where Lucca is compared to where I will be (Sorano). These images are making me anxious to get on the plane!

  16. Thanks for sharing! Can't wait to get to Italy someday!! My sister has some beautiful shots of Italy from when she was there taking a photography course. danahunting dotcom. one of your photos reminded me of the one she has on her home page.

  17. Uhm...X-cuse me, Debra??!! Visit me as well!!!


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