Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Special Guest~

~Erin Madeline~

~This photo was taken in February, just as Erin was coming down with the flu.~

This is our darling granddaughter Erin. Isn't she wonderful? She will arrive on Thursday for a three night visit with us! We are so excited to have her all to ourselves.
There will be lots of outdoor activities, walks to the lake, art projects, some baking and special story times.
Erin has a baby brother Jack Alexander- who just turned 7 months. We can't wait until he's a little older and can join us for these special visits with Pop-Pop and Mimi.

Do you have a Grandchild or a special young person that comes to visit? What are the adventures that you share with your young friends?

When I was a young girl, I would ride my bike to my Grandparent's house for a weekend visit.
My Grandmother and I would prepare the evening meal for my Gramp and then often we would pack a basket and go to the back field for a picnic.

During those weekends I would brush Gram's hair, polish her fingernails and we always had a baking project. Those are among some of my favorite memories.

We hope to create special memories for Erin and Jack- although, I'm not sure I'm ready for Erin to do my nails...

~We love this photo of Erin~although she was not feeling quite herself-it shows her depth, soulfulness, her mischievousness and her sweet side.~


  1. Ooooh soo cute! Adorable. So we won't be reading any more posts of you for 3 days? ;-)
    And what a lovely memories you have form your Grandmother - Gram's - funny how you called her. And I'm sure that you'll create special memories for Erin and Jack, one can read the LOVE you have for them. Have a great time with Erin!!
    Oh...and Goodmorning...;-)...I'm having a coffee now.

  2. Erin is so very cute! Wishing you lots of fun in the moment, and for memories! :0)

  3. Good Morning Deb, Have a wonderful time with you Erin!I'm sure she is counting the minutes for her mini vacation at your home.

    When my nieces ,nephews and a couple of the neighborhood boys like to spend the night, I like to do what they enjoy and make the visit all about them. The kids enjoy having breakfast in bed. Depending on the length of their stay it usually is one morning breakfast in bed and the other morning we go out. The one little neighbor boy told his mom he was running away to live with us. LOL...
    Have a wonderful time my friend! xoxo

  4. Deb, I meant to mention your little sweet Erin is so adorable. I love how the camera captured her her sweetness. She really is looking into the lens. I love it! xoxo

  5. Hi Debra! Erin is adorable, even pre-flu. Enjoy making lifetime memories with her. I remember as a young child I liked nothing better than to stay for the weekend with my Grandma and Aunt (both gone now). My grandma made THE BEST mashed potatoes which to this day I recreate.

    We have young grandchildren now. I enjoy them when they are a bit older and not so lightning quick!! I pulled a hamstring recently.... This Grandma gets tired early!! :)

  6. Sob, sob - no grandchildren here Deb! In fact not even a vague chance of impending nuptials amongst the 5 boys. Little Miss Erin is such a sweetie, how lucky you are to have each other.

    I was very close to my maternal Grannie, & although we didn't do a lot of practical things together, she just wasn't that sort of gal, we had the most incredible conversations about all manner of things. I know so many of my values & yes, quirky takes on life come directly from those little 'chats'!
    Millie ^_^

  7. Mimi, the rosy complexion and un-even skin tone are so wonderful in a child. They surely open our hearts to remind us what life is really all about. Enjoy Erin, and do tell us all about your special time.

  8. Debra, enjoy your visit with Erin - what a wonderful and special time with your gorgeous granddaughter, xv.

  9. What an adorable picture - I love the little braided piggies. And, yes, she looks so mischievous. I love it.

    How lucky is she to have a grandmother intent on making such wonderful memories. Enjoy your weekend with your little one!

  10. Oh, she's a beauty!
    I know you will all have a wonderful visit!
    Lots of photos please!!

  11. Hi Deb! She is beautiful...Simply love adding memories as we sail through life! ~Lovely weekend dear Deb!

  12. To al of you sweetnesses~ We are having such a good and tiring time. This little one could live outside and keeps us very busy!
    I so wish I could watch HBO tonight, but that will have to wait!!!
    See you back on Monday!

  13. So sweet. I think it is wonderful the bond you are forming with your grandchildren. My grandparents were not like this and now my parents are turning out like there parents - so sad. I hope if my little Oliver has kids it will be more like what you have :)

  14. I'm on my way to bed now when I came to think of you. You must have had such a wonderful weekend, didn't you?! Hope to read a few lines about it tomorrow here on your blog ;-)


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